Ecoluxe Mag and Potter

In the latest issue of Ecoluxe Magazine editor Shannon Dunn did a wonderful interview with Robert and began a new chapter in the life of “Letters.” Now a wider audience can appreciate the new wave of consciousness headed our way.

Editorializing “Letters from 500” is not an easy task, and yet the give and take between Shannon and Robert seems so natural. It is obvious that Shannon Dunn not only did her homework but is a fan of the book as well. Her questions are short and concise, yet seem to open doors of information for  both the new reader and dedicated followers of the book. This is the first chance for Robert to elucidate the flow of consciousness that has brought this book to bare and try to make clear the direction we are headed based on his dialogues with “O” and his own inner thoughts.

So, thank you Shannon for the space and time you have given the book. And to the readers of this blog, if you want to see how eco concerns look from down under, with a flair of chic, check out Ecoluxe Magazine online.


  1. Great interview. Really put things into a much clearer perspective for me re: the origin, nature, and purpose of the letters. Looking forward to the second volume and the techniques involved in creating the portals. Keep up the great work.


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