When Will the Shift Occur?

On 12/28/10 we were contacted by a reader of  Letters named “c” inquiring about the shift and when it will occur.  Along with that question were other important queries that most of us are familiar with and see in the news every day. Although Robert does not want to use this blog for questions and answers he thought that the response to this question would provide others with a broader understanding of  what is happening in the Letters and how we can more fully understand the impact upon are personal lives that these Letters provide.

Dear Robert,

Thank you for sharing Letters. I am almost done, but I keep getting stuck on wanting to know the nuts and bolts first of WHEN and HOW does the shift happen.  There was a very brief discussion in which it was stated by O that no real cataclysms took place, that the transition was rather smooth and gradual.  One major question is will this happen in my / our lifetime?  What is / was this whole 2012 hysteria really about?

I mainly find that those who do talk of the transition, because of their own visions and “contacts”, say that it will be violent, catastrophic, etc: pole shifts, reversal of the spin of the earth, etc.  Can we please have a discussion with O. about what the nature of the physical transformation was?  The net is a buzz with the following:
– magnetic pole shift
– massive shifting of land masses, with resulting flooding, earthquakes, etc.
– a false flag alien invasion operation by our government
– Nibiru will make its once-every-3600 year fly by and wreak havoc
– other false flag operations for the declaration of a national security state and the eventual institution of a one-world government and currency – ala an orwelian scenario

It is very interesting to me the discussions of a DNA change.  Have you seen how many new agers are offering to “upgrade” our DNA, for a fee?  O has said this is not something that can be “done”, it is something that happens through the natural process of evolution.  This feels more authentic.  I am just fascinated.

Thank you. Best to you in the new year.


Dear “c”,

Your question, I’m sure, is on all our minds. When is the change going to happen? Here’s the answer that comes to my heart in this moment: the change is already here, all around us. But it’s only visible to those who decide within themselves to recognize it. I’m convinced that many of us are living in two universes simultaneously these days. It’s like a crossover zone. When we’re feeling expansive and selfless we are in the new Earth. When we’re being fearful, doubtful or egoistic, we’re in the old one. I sense the shift is indeed happening in our lifetime.

I’m well aware of all the buzz regarding 2012—the end of the Mayan calendar, the end of time, aliens controlling our fate, shadow governments, the Illuminati, etc. Many see great overarching conspiracies everywhere. There may well be conspiracies and the end of time coming, but there is also no end to what people are imagining about it. Typically, people see doomsday scenarios on the horizon. When will the catastrophe strike? They ask. How will it happen? How will it affect me?

I think it was Mark Twain (that old cynic!) who said something like this: “I’ve had many disasters in my life, most of which never happened.” Humanity loves to hear bad news. It’s what sells. All the news media dwell on it constantly. The fringe/alternative consciousness folks (of which I myself am a proud member) are no different. We want to hear the “spiritual” bad news. It’s very entertaining. And we need to embrace our shadows. Right?

Since humanity is in such dire straits, we keep hoping the aliens are about reveal themselves (and change everything for us, that is, SAVE us). “It’s going to happen on April 14.” I was told by a reliable new age teacher/friend of mine… back in 1998. According to many “reliable” sources, major events, revelations, and catastrophes were imminent at many times over the last two millennia. And now we’re in a new millennium. But the same old human desire for scary, implausible future events is still with us. It’s our nature. It’s not bad or wrong. It’s just what is, just who we are. The ‘victim’ archetype is strong in homo sapiens. But it’s also what we’re leaving behind as we evolve into the new species.

What O is saying in the Letters is that we will find whatever answers and revelations we need within our own being. She has deliberately avoided giving specific dates and predictions of cataclysmic events. (So as not to be “human”?) She is representing to us a new species, one that doesn’t have to know all the details of everything, especially ahead of time. This new species doesn’t make bad news a priority, no matter how important it might seem to us.

Regarding your questions, I think it might help to take a look at what O said about the purposes behind the Letters. To this end, I did a little excerpting:

P. 8

Yes, you have many questions. I am here to answer some of them, but perhaps not all; at least not in the way that would satisfy your mental desires. Again, I would ask that you reach into the space within yourself, within your feelings, to receive the significance of all this. There are several purposes for the letters: One is to simply let you know that we survived. We have come through quite nicely, thank you. I am aware that in your times, there is a prevailing attitude of doubt in the future, doubt about your own destiny as humans on Earth.

Another purpose is to assist you in speeding up and smoothing out your transition, and perhaps to calm the Storm a bit, if possible. This benefits us all, if you, collectively, can rise to the occasion.

P. 11

Another purpose in writing to you is to establish a link between our two species. This connection is important for the conscious continuity of evolution. This will be a first-time event on planet Earth—a descendent species consciously linking with an ancestor species. Making it firmly conscious in your minds and your appreciation, and doing the same on our end, unifies and merges our destinies in ways that will be wonderfully beneficial and creative.

P. 12

“…The biggest question, right now for me, is what do you mean we are not the same species? What happened to humanity? Where did we go? Where did you come from? How did it come about?”

This is a large story—the underlying purpose of this whole communication. I would prefer to wait until Letter Three to begin it. Suffice it to say, for now, that my species evolved out of yours. The transition was tumultuous for a while. The old ways usually do not pass away without a fight. This was a classic struggle for supremacy, but not in the way the world had ever seen before. The new species was emerging from within the old, into a truly conscious being. The ego-mind was being turned inside out, even as it fought to survive and maintain its structure. Ultimately, it was a battle for who would appreciate reality more.

P. 14

We have a strong, appreciative desire to learn from our differences, to learn about them and to build that learning back into our society. The shared appreciative faculty we have motivates us to find peace and presence in the midst of our disputes. We feel a drive to do this, just as the human species felt a drive to compete and differentiate.

Your species’ goal was to develop the ego, the mind and individual genius. My species’ goal is to develop the soul, the acceptance of oneness, and the collective genius. Our first loyalty lies not with the separated, individual self, but with the whole shared being. This is not to say we are automatons. We still maintain unique abilities and actions. But our individuality leads us together, not apart.


“You mean all our progress toward awakening and  comprehension of oneness had no effect? I thought these letters were for the purpose of helping us do that.”

They are indeed. But the mutation comes of its own higher, free will. Older human souls were able to sense the impending changes, and to weather the Great Storm more easily. Their openness acted as a kind of invitation to Conscious Evolution, to expedite its process. This is what we seek here to broaden into wider acceptance. This does help the transition. Nevertheless, the Cosmos acts by a whole other reckoning. It acts when, and only when, it is ready.

P. 57

“Where could all that malevolence go? Even animals and plants can be violent and selfish from what I’ve seen in nature. How could billions of people be converted into something they are not? Getting from my world to the world you’re describing seems just too far to go—in 500 years or even in five million.”

It is your right not to believe. Though I am not asking for your belief. That is not the purpose of these letters. It matters little whether you put this information into your mind in the form of a belief. The mind is not where my message is directed. I seek to touch your consciousness, beyond the mind, and certainly beyond belief. There the information will stimulate a shifting of your being, toward the evolutionary step that is next for you. It can greatly aid in making your shift a more peaceful one. It can also facilitate the future well-being of all other creatures on the planet. This is all about how consciousness itself engages with evolution.

So, what all that says to me is that O and the vigilans are not interested in giving us too many details about how and when the shift happens. They don’t want to direct our attention into that stuff. They want us to be visioning the kind of world that exists beyond the shift. If we focus on that, we will be helping to manifest it. And another factor to keep in mind here is the ‘Now’. If we’re too interested in the events that will happen next, we lose connection with our timeless moment.

Finally, I know it doesn’t feel totally satisfying to leave so much of our immediate future unclear and open to wild conjecture. But these Letters are about a species growing up, growing beyond its old limitations and desires. It is a precious part of the new awareness to value the unknown, the mystery of NOT knowing exactly what’s coming next.

I’m sure there will continue to be more questions around this subject. O and I, in fact, get into it some in the next book, Portal. Take a look at the poem from that book that we’ve posted on the blogsite for a little reflection of this theme.

Thank you, c, for your question, and the opportunity to clarify a bit. I hope it helps.

Appreciatively, Robert


  1. This letter helped me to catch up with your work and I am happy to find this today.
    After participating in a teleconference with Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, David Willcock and Richard Hoagland, on Dec 19. 2010 I posted this video comment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1fzhuB1qeg
    I want to do more video responses to “Living in the Now” and your work helps me to stay focused on how to speak about what is unfolding.
    Werner Grundl


    1. Thank you Werner. We are missing you and Julie. We are in Treasure Beach until March and wish you were both here. I am glad this blog serves you well. Our work is expanding, yours and mine, and it is taking root around the globe. Blessings.


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