A Lovely Day With Colors and Sounds and Smells

It is so wonderful to be in a place where the temperature is calming, the colors are vibrant, the aromas are enchanting and the sounds are trance like. This is found in a little corner of our planet in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Treasure Beach is a hideaway for the soul to recharge its very breath. A place where you can walk between worlds at your own request.

We are joined this week by friends from Philadelphia and the ever amazing musical artists Dean and Dudley Evenson, whose label Soundings of the Planet has produced many audio delights for the soul. At the moment I am listening to one of their new releases Chakra Healing. I was thrilled to know that they were gong to be in Jamaica staying at our friend Elizabeth Seltzer’s Calabash House on the beach. We have spent many lovely days with them manifesting the energies of Love and Appreciation. Dean is reading Letters, a gift from this blogger, and another thread in the movement of this book’s consciousness into the world. Dudley is doing meditation sessions and the sunset meditation on the beach was transformative. We could each feel our spirits soar. The shift is definitely present in all who open to this awakening and allow the present moment to take hold.

Our friend Joanne is here with her daughter Emily and the week has brought them closer into our lives than ever. If you ever get to Long Beach Island on New Jersey’s coastline you’ll find the lovely Firefly Art Gallery in the middle of town. Just look for the beautiful mosaic work all around the building inspired by Isiah Zagar and installed by Joanne and others.

And so to all that want a little bit of this magic; close your eyes and dream of Caribbean Blue.



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  1. I ressonated with the Book It hit many chords in me i know truth when i hear it more importantly i felt it .My Ego didnt and we struggled along but there could be only one winner . I have always been atraacted to books on spiritual growth this was by far the most detailed andd in fomative I thank you and Elizabeth Selzer for introducing me to it


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