Letter Thirty-One “Resonance, the Key”

It has been some time since I last posted and it seems like a void has been created in the thread of consciousness that is this blog. Spending two months in Jamaica has given my body and mind a rest from this fast paced world of illusion. In Jamaica there is no illusion. Nature abounds at every moment and the people come face to face, every day, with their own earth bound existence. There is no illusion here. Even as the tourists come and go there is an understanding that this life, here, is for real. Hard to explain really, to those of you who wake up every day with a character that is merely a figment of your imagination. No truth in this, just a design to get through the maze of human confusion.

Anyway, after many silent days of idle joy I have been instructed by my inner being to write again. Much has happened since our last post. The Middle East, the Middle West (U.S. that is) and the continuing  unconscious minds that stay locked in Ego’s play, imagining a world that will only bring decline to the species of humankind.

But there is another way of looking at ourselves and this moment in creation when we are given another chance to survive and thrive. It is a simple thing. Too simple for the ego-mind to grasp, but just right for the heart that lies within the physical heart to know and manifest. We are the Source, you know, and we have the power to create amazing worlds. Each one of us is tied to an energy field that fills us with gargantuan possibilities. So great is that field that we need only touch its breath and be ignited.

So will we take notice here and do what must be done for our saving grace? I think we will. It need only be started by a small band and then it will spread like wildfire. Read on.

“Well, O. I think now might be the time for you to say what you have in mind for this new book. What is the purpose?”

“Instead of answering my question, you say, simply, “Would you mind coming with me on a little adventure?”


Your words vibrate through my mind like a sudden gust of wind. There in front of me is the sphere again. It’s a transparent silver-orange as before, with many circulating shapes and lines— swirling crystal geometry. Then your body begins to appear inside, standing calmly amidst the oscillations. Once your form has stabilized, you lift your arm and reach forward. Your hand breaks through the bubble toward me.

“Please take my hand.”

I start to take it, but then instinctively hesitate. “Just where would we be going?”

“Trust me. Let it be a mystery.”

“All right. But strange things happen when I hold your hand.”

As soon as I feel your fingers gripping mine, I am drawn into the bubble. It surrounds the two of us in much larger proportion than I expected. In fact, the surface seems to be expanding. Or perhaps we are shrinking! Yes. We are now riding a fractal thread down toward the center. Then there is nothing. Blankness.

“What is this space? It seems like the Void. But it doesn’t feel that way. It feels, well, ordinary.”

“Yes. It is quite ordinary. We have shifted into a sub-dimension very near your own. It’s one that is completely empty. Nothing exists here. But, you are correct. It is not the Void. It is a formless form, a simple and direct projection of the Void. We vigilans often come into spaces like this to begin creative work.”

“An empty dimension? I’ve never contemplated such a thing. Are there many such places?”

“As many as you can imagine. The imagination actually creates them.”

“So, what are we doing here?”

“I want to demonstrate how to create a whole universe from scratch.”

“Really? You can do that?”

You are going to do it, my friend. Just imagine making a ‘scratch’ on the emptiness. Go ahead.”

“Humph. This is weird. Make a scratch? You mean we’re literally making it from scratch? I hesitantly follow your instructions, imagining my fingernail scraping down the screen in front of me. Out of the silvery darkness, a thin, white vertical line appears.

“That was easy.”

“Now get closer to it. Go right up and tell me what you see.”

My vision moves forward at your request. “It’s widening and opening, shimmering along the edges. It looks effervescent, like thousands of tiny bubbles. They form the boundary all around.”

“Look into your creation and keep telling me what you see.”

“There is depth. I can see into it, like space. Something’s happening in there.” I stare for a few moments, not quite understanding what I’m seeing. “It looks like molecules being created, or maybe atoms. I guess I can’t tell the difference. I’m amazed to see such depth inside the void. Everything outside this ‘scratch’ is just flat. Inside, the orbs keep popping up, dividing, multiplying, connecting. OK, now they seem to be shrinking, or maybe my vision is pulling back. It’s hard to tell.”

“The opening is getting wider. I can see more now. There are surfaces, formed from millions of the combined orbs. They’re like waves, sheets of gossamer material. Above is a kind of ceiling, in motion, like the surface of an ocean, viewed from below.”

“Wow.” A sudden flash of light from above; everything is stirred up and agitated. “The molecules are vibrating fiercely. The sheets are tearing and curling, flying all around.”

Another flash, and more agitation. My vision is rising toward the ceiling. It breaks the surface. This is an ocean; rolling waves swell around me. Somehow now, I’m inside this world. There is a horizon in the distance; and on it, a sun is rising—just a tiny sliver at first. It is not the Earth’s sun, though. It’s blue. Everything in this world is tinted with that color. Or perhaps it’s indigo.

I can no longer see the edges of the slash I made. The emptiness is gone. I’m inside the new world. Another flash of light. It’s lightning, striking the water. Another flash, and another. Thunder roars close by above. Again and again. The lightning is pounding the surface. Great clouds roil above. Rain is pouring down; the sun is obliterated. I feel the ocean teeming with arousal. It is Life! The ocean is alive. The clouds are alive. The lightning is alive.

“I’m feeling an incredible exultation. This is my creation,” I realize. “I’ve created this world! Forgive me, but the feeling I have is like being God in this world I’ve created! What I imagine, comes to be.”

“If you want forgiveness, you’ll have to ask yourself. After all, here you are God.”

“Cute, O. Now tell me what is this all about. Why are you having me do this?”

“I want you to know that you are God. We are all God. Now give your blessing to this world you have created, and come back to me. Let this universe go on its way. You may return at any time to check its progress. It will always be part of you. It will always draw its projection from your channel of divine energy. In this way you are responsible for its destiny.”

I am again in the void, looking at the scratch from outside. I can see deeply into it still. There is rapid evolution taking place. Already single-celled organisms are forming and multiplying throughout the living ocean. That ocean is a being in its own right, shepherding and nourishing its life forms. I send in one more generous blessing by setting a simple, powerful intention.

Now I’m back at my keyboard. The sub-dimension is gone and so is the orange sphere.

“Why did you want me to know that I am God, O?”

“What a silly question! Who in their right mind would not want to know such a thing?”

“Well, yes, of course—a good thing to know. But why is it part of our communication right now? How does it fit with your purpose for this book?”

“This book will illustrate many forms of projection and creation, using imagination, sub-dimensions and portals. We ourselves are projections, passing up through portals from deeper levels. It begins at Source and the realm of Oneness, eventually coming into the abundance of forms in the duality world. This can result in the appearance of the opposite of Oneness—call it ‘many-ness’. For humans, this swamps you in a morass of complexity, illusion and separation—nothing seems connected; you do not see the etheric web that weaves it all together.

“To the awakened mind, however, this same projection triggers something quite different—the appreciation of paradox. With it we know what is real and what is not. We see the multitude of forms in the Cosmos as Oneness in disguise. With a discerning eye—living within the sensation of paradox—we can look straight through all the manifestations of things, right to the Oneness within. I intentionally used the made-up word ‘many-ness’ as a pointer to its illusory nature.”

“OK. But that is beyond the capacity of most humans. For instance, my creation was pretty unconscious. I didn’t realize it was me doing it.”

“In duality, everything shares existence with its opposite! Each thing contains a portal into its opposite. Thus, within your own duality lies the portal to Oneness. Your ego is constantly en guard against that portal opening.

“You were indeed working blindly in that little adventure just now. However, you sensed the reality, without having to think about it. That is what we are asking all of you to do in your lives over the coming years: Feel the reality below the illusion; feel the formless below the form and the Oneness below the many-ness. I’m saying this quickly and in passing here. But I will elucidate each aspect of it in the coming letters. Take this statement as an overview of our objective. As our group voice declared, Oneness is the vehicle we will ride through the passage of the Great Storm.”

Copyright © 2011 by Robert Lee Potter


  1. I look forward to the coming letters in the new book. Are there many of us who follow these letters? How does one find others to reflect with on the coming storm?


    1. Jean,
      There is a small community now, but you can spread the light of this information and raise the consciousness of those near and dear to you. Both Rebecca Dettman and Shannon Dunn have shown great interest in these writings and are expanding the awareness in both Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to communicate with them on this topic they can be reached through their respective sites listed on the right side of this blog.


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