“Fierce Grace” – A Mortality Check

For those of you who have never seen the movie “Fierce Grace,” the documentary of Ram Dass and his re-emergence after a debilitating stroke, I urge you to take the time and watch it. This movie shows us how a man on the road to salvation in his own mind, can tumble to the depths of a discouraging existence and rise up with the aid of love and devotion to become more than he ever knew possible before.

It seems necessary to bring to this audience more than just promises of a better tomorrow. It seems important to display feats of compassion and oneness that can exist here and now. We are not lost in a maze of frustration waiting for something bold to happen. We are patient in our journey, knowing that we can shape ourselves each and every second of the day. We have transcended the childish desire for immediate gratification and now understand that this very space that we reside in is our shining chariot for transformation.

In deference to copyright of this material I am previewing a short clip from the film. You can view it in its entirety on youtube by adding this suffix [watch?v=o8zFeZbVPnc] to the youtube url address.


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