Our Dear Friend Neptune

It seems that with all the hard work started in the 60’s, for human consciousness transformation, the way forward has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Exciting peaks of possibilities and hair raising dives into valleys of confusion. There are those who believe that life is what you make it and nothing external to our world has any influence over the outcome. To some degree this is so. We are the masters of our immediate situations and face daily choices that can send us down different roads of experience. On a larger scale there are those external influences that vibrate a particular consciousness into the world around us and create subtle influences to the core structure of our awareness.

This message was passed on to Robert from Suchitra Davenport of the Soul Source Center. She is a well-respected soul-based counselor and healer in the Media/Rose Valley/Swarthmore area of Pennsylvania.

by cosmicobserver

Neptune’s ingress into Pisces last night has opened another door into a new world that is gradually unfolding before our eyes. Along with all of the other planetary shifts into new signs this year, Neptune’s passage into Pisces (the sign of its rulership) for the first time in 172 years sets the stage for a new collective story or mythology to unfold that will change the way we see the world and how we approach the healing of planet Earth.

Neptune in Capricorn, which began in the mid-1980s, was an era in which money (Capricorn) became fashionable (Neptune). Neptune in Aquarius, which began in the late 1990s, began the Internet Age: Aquarius is computers and Neptune is the interconnectedness of the web. Over the next decade it will become increasingly ‘fashionable’ to have a spiritual practice, to choose peaceful co-existence, and to change the world from the inside out.

This new story will demonstrate the power of the collective imagination to heal the seemingly horrendous conditions on Earth that we are bombarded with daily. Through a rise in spiritual practices (meditation, yoga, etc.) the veil between heaven and Earth will thin and we will begin to truly experience, see, and express: compassion, love without conditions, and the joy and the bliss of our truest nature.

You may want to ask yourself: What is loving-kindness? What is compassion? How is real compassion expressed? How do we honor the precious element of Water in our daily life? What small contribution can we make to not pollute or overuse but rather conserve the waters of the world?

This will be a marvelous opportunity to shift the paradigm and recreate our collective story. Let us begin now to dream the possible dream of a better and more cohesive world together!

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