Nuclear Clarity

What’s unclear about nuclear is our misunderstanding of Source. The nucleus of our being lies hidden from most humans most of the time. Many of us don’t even believe we have a Source or center to our being. This is not a condemnation, but a statement of our nature. We are here, immersed in the illusion of separateness, under the Veil of Forgetfulness. Nevertheless, our lack of clarity is a great opportunity to move in the direction of clearing. What is not can be an invitation to move toward what is.

My observation of the nuclear disaster in Japan is that it may be a huge blessing in disguise, a wake-up call of grand proportion. It is time for humanity to realize what kind of energies we’re unleashing. We’re like children in a sandbox, playing with hand grenades. Yes the ‘safeties’ are on, but no form of protection can alter what’s really at stake. The risks are so high that to comprehend them we need to step beyond mere mental calculations and safeguards. We need real wisdom. Where does that come from other than Source?

The fact that the awakening world has been made alert to the ‘grenade in the sandbox’ is most significant at this time of transformation. We could see it as a call to look into our own Nucleus of being. Or perhaps, the other way around, our Source could be looking more clearly out through us. The most dangerous of all humankind’s creations—nuclear fission—could become a window into our ultimate safety and peace. What may we see through that lens? Can we learn from this emergency, the old Chinese wisdom that crisis is a merger of ‘danger and opportunity’?

After Robert sent this to me today I realized  how apropos this is in light of the incredible sandbox play of our legislators this week. There is absolutely no consideration for what is good for the betterment of our civilization, we humans are simply an after thought in this ego drama that drives the circus arena posing as our leadership. If we really cared for each other and could rise to the level of human spirit that our Source has made a part of our DNA we would become Masters of the Universe.


  1. The common good, as you put it Jean, is really OUR responsibility. We are the ones to blame for the idiocy of our elected body. There are intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate people in this country who could lead with vision. President Obama is one who came into office with a vision and a desire to change the stagnate dwelling place of our congress into a new mind of conscious progress and compassionate legislation. This however was impossible under the present leadership of both houses and both parties. And yes, it all comes back to that annoying little ego buzzing around our framework.

    I find it laughable that the Conservative Right (the party of staying put) is so against the Progressive attitudes of our Left leaders (the party of conscious evolution.) Does the Right not want to make Progress and evolve to a greater nature of humanity? Does the Right just want to stay in this death spiral of a “this is the only way” ideology?

    Now I don’t mean to suggest that the Left is a perfect state of being. In fact they have also gotten caught up in the power wheel of Capitol Hill. They are certainly not exempt from criticism and we should keep them humbled.

    So it all comes down to us. A government Of the People, By the People, For the People. Not an association for the haves and a disassociation of the have-nots. In an almost perfect world, which can be 500 from now or sooner, we can honor our brothers and sisters with Love, Compassion and Respect, a commitment to preserving the richness of our planet and an Appreciation of all things within this known universe and beyond.


  2. Well said. I also have pondered that observation that the common good has not been the focus of the Congress’ struggle to come to consensus.


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