Epilogue – “Why Souls Leave the Earth” – part one

At the end of book one the epilogue explained to us, through future eyes, why souls come to earth. In the scheme of all things it is the natural way of creation and it fulfills its desire to explore all the infinite possibilities that exist within form. With the ending of book two we have another epilogue and the answer here, why souls leave the earth. The mystery of death and decay is our life long burden. A burden brought on by separation from the truth. If we know what transpires after we leave the earth plane would we allow fear to be our shadow through life’s dramas? Probably not. For this one gift of knowing is the key to freedom’s door. I will give you this final chapter in three parts. Read on and be free.

“O, I’ve been thinking about this series of letters we’ve just finished.”

“And you have a question?” your response is quick.

“How did you guess?”

“Go ahead. I’ve been expecting you.”

“It seems all our talk about portals could be looked upon as a form of escapism, like getting away from the old Earth. Why do we want so bad to leave this place? After all, we’ve chosen to be here, haven’t we?”

“Yes, of course,” you reply. “But it is only natural to feel like it’s all too much. Tell me what you think humans want to escape from.”

I muse, “Well, we have a frantic, dangerous, toxic world right now. It seems to be rapidly overheating and unraveling. But the bigger issue behind it all is obviously ‘the ego’. We want to escape it! And yet, now that I think about it, the ego itself probably wants to escape too. It could see escaping as another means to create separation and stress. There’s a lot of stress around this planet these days.”


“I guess I’d have to say it’s egos creating the stress that egos want to escape from.”

“Good one.”

“A world full of egos is a horrendous place,” I continue. “It’s crazy. You know that. I feel it even more acutely now that I’ve had the glimpse of awakening you gave me.”

“Tell me what you remember of that.”

My mind goes quiet at your suggestion. I feel energy streaming in. “You know, I’d have to say awakening is really not all that far beyond us. You said it from the start, of course.”


“It’s basically appreciation, isn’t it. What was so wonderful about being vigilan-for-a-day, was the continuous state of appreciation I felt. We humans are capable of something like that even now—just not the ‘continuous’ part. What serenity and oneness and…!” Suddenly words fail me; I’m back in the vigilan awareness. Warmth and peace flood through my mind in a vigorous stillness.

You ask, “What is it?”

“It’s the feeling of Oneness, of being at one with the moment. Thats what I learned. What appreciation really gives you is the presence of Now. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Having that sense of Now gives you appreciation.”

“Just so. I’d say you’ve got it,” I feel you grinning. You say, “Vigilans do not rely on time to feel appreciation. Through your eyes, I’m seeing more clearly what vigilans do. Appreciation is a timeless quality that we stream into time. Indeed, you have made a breakthrough in understanding the Now. If you would be in the moment, simply appreciate what is. If you want to appreciate, then be in the moment. They are one and the same.”

“OK. That sounds good.” My brow wrinkles. “But ‘what is’ includes everything that is, right? Good and bad both? How can you appreciate unpleasant—or worse—harmful or evil things? Can you actually value that?”

“Yes, we can. For appreciation to work the way it does, it must link us with Source, with the origin of every manifested form. In the ego world, there are many forms that are unhealthy and unconscious—and yes, evil. We can appreciate these forms as necessary elements in the parade of evolving consciousness. We do not have to condone or engage them to appreciate their place in creation.”

I wince inside, “But we can’t just allow horrible things to go on happening in the name of evolution.”

“Nevertheless, these horrible things do happen in your world. Awareness of them moves all consciousness forward. Appreciation means looking deeply into the essence. It allows evolution to adjust itself to more benign expressions. That is basic duality. Resistance produces freedom, when it is brought into awareness.”

“Whoa. O, you’ve always said dont resist.”

“There is natural resistance, built into the evolutionary process. It is opposition to what is untrue and inauthentic. There is also the resistance within any duality system—a creative tension that propels growth. This comes from the interplay of any two polarities, masquerading as opposites. Polarities are, in reality, just two sides of one coin, two ends of the same axis. Finally, there is recursive resistance that is generated by ego and mind, attempting to enhance their sense of separateness from creation. This blocks evolution. It is poisonous to your system.

“When I recommend not resisting, I’m talking about this third form. I urge you not to apply resistance within yourself. Do not identify with it or put it out into your environment. Your environment is you. Each individual is a conduit for universal creative force. Each person takes on a share of this energy and becomes a co-creator of all that is around them. If you pour your share of energy into resistance, you are increasing separation within your own being, your environmental self.


“But how does resistance produce freedom then?” I puzzle, fully back in my human self and not understanding. “Can we use resistance without identifying with it?”

“To say ‘no’ to something that doesn’t resonate with your authenticity, is not adding resistance. It is adding clarity. It is appreciating the natural resistance to what is false. This promotes Oneness, not separation. For humans there is a fine line, however. It is very easy for you to slip over that line from conscious assertiveness into unconscious identification with opposition. It is easy for you to confuse your opinions with truth, and easy for you to condemn what is not aligned with those opinions.

“If you become identified with your opposition to anything, even very noble ideals, you have moved away from appreciation. Your true identity is not opposition; it is wholeness. For this reason, the teachings on non-resistance are among the most critical of your age.” You smile. “Sorry about that pun. “True understanding of this element of awakening is rare—and difficult for me to communicate, I must admit. I will continue to remind you of its place in your practice, in hopes of finding the right words.”

I chuckle, “And I will do my best not to resist those reminders.”

“We have all moved our beings through those dark states into brighter realms over the course of our individual evolution. That movement is what true awakening is. All events and forms in creation are necessary to produce the inevitable Conscious Evolution.


“Appreciation ultimately means to notice what is, without internal resistance, and to do so in the presence of your authentic being. This will have transformational powers. It brings both the light and the dark into Oneness. Even what seems to your mind as negative or evil, will eventually reveal itself as part of wholeness, once you no longer identify with your resistance.”

“I yield to your wisdom,” I sigh. “But I still have misgivings about appreciating evil.”

“I accept that in you. Allow me now to return to our initial subject, why souls leave the Earth. We all come and go, whether human, vigilan or angelan. This is the principle of cycling. It is a basic function of duality in motion, within Oneness. That which enters duality must leave; that which leaves must return; what is born must die. To the mind, leaving at the end of a lifetime may appear to be a separation, something to be resisted. But that is illusion. Especially, do not resist leaving when the time is upon you. It is not separation, but cycling.

“Leaving the Earth is one of the most profound ways of heightening your appreciation. As we cross the threshold back into soul consciousness at the end of incarnations, we experience for a time, divine fusion. This applies to all creatures—vigilans, humans, ants and atoms. It is a blessed, blissful perspective, granted to all those who return. It is a state of pure grace; it is part of cycling. We see the authentic depths of our being; and we are reacquainted with its view of the world. The more awakened a soul’s vehicle is, the longer and deeper this post-lifetime exposure lasts.

“The transition period after leaving Earth has been called the ‘life review’ by some. Religions have viewed it, mistakenly, as Judgment Day. The so-called review is not limited to just one lifetime. And the judgment that transpires is simply the clarity of spirit descending into presence. During this period, we see the greater patterns of all our lives, and the lives of all those we associate with during our incarnations. Surrounding us during this review are our guides, angels and elders who offer us expanded insight and suggestions for improvement. It is conducted in a powerfully compassionate manner.

“The post-incarnation sessions are the most focused and energized guidance we have as souls. All

relevant informative resources are brought to bear here in one place and time. Whether you realize it or not, your soul is looking forward to this encounter with great joy. That is a prime reason to leave the Earth plane, to receive this intensely focused love and appreciation, and to see how to turn your course in more creative directions.

“Once the soul has completed its sojourn of lives on Earth, or a similar planetary situation, there is a final leaving. This takes place at the end of our last angelan incarnation. It is always an ecstatic, sacred celebration among vast numbers of peers and elders. This is truly a major cosmic initiation. It merits and receives far-flung attention, from far beyond the little Earth. This tiny planet produces great wonders in the Cosmos.”

I feel a surge of appreciation, just hearing you say this.

Your voice in my presence continues, “Graduate souls from the Earth Series are operating in influential positions throughout all the universes and dimensions. They are masters of wisdom and creation. This is what we all are evolving toward, through our lives here. And there is no end to this evolving after we graduate. We are part of a never-ending, timeless spiral of unfolding consciousness. If you pause and feel—as in right nowyou can stream, into your heart, the connection to that spiral. It is you, your eternal birthright. Thus we play our part in the great game.”

“I want to say, ‘Unbelievable!’ And yet, inside me I know you’re right. It’s true. I’ve always known it—as a soul. I can ‘stream’ that knowing and appreciation into my mind. But, damn it. I’m also quite aware, as a human, that I can easily fall back into doubt and disbelief.”

You assure me, “So be it. That is the way of being human. If you did not cycle back into that, you would no longer be human. Let me remind you. Accept yourself just as you are. Accept what is just as it is. Only from this acceptance can you appreciate and see through the illusion. Only then may you take authentic action to evolve and to promote your own conscious evolution. Take it as a stepwise process, from the moment into the Moment, from the present into Now.”

Copyright © 2011 by Robert Lee Potter

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