Epilogue – “Why Souls Leave the Earth” – part two

Other questions are now bubbling up. I begin, “This whole book has been about building portals. Or maybe it’s about just one grand portal—the passage through the Great Storm. You put a lot of ideas in my head about what portals are and where to find them. But I’m a little unclear about what’s next. I can imagine readers wanting more guidance about just what they’re supposed to do. Would you please summarize the instructions for us?”

“Yes, of course. First, I will say that building the portal is an imaginal journey. The true portal does not exist in the physical realm, and needs no construction here. Our project is an invitation to use trans-physical means to move beyond your current dilemma. It is not a problem-solving exercise for the mind, however. As with all aspects of being, it is not something you can do. You must allow it to be within you.”

“Fair enough,” I react. “But I’m concerned that this imaginal journey is too weird and personal for many potential readers. How are people going to relate to this?”

“These most recent letters are put to you as stories, to stimulate the imagination of the reader—and your imagination as well, I must say. In many cases, you are remembering events that have not yet happened. In these stories you have resonant forces at play that can be absorbed directly from the morphic field. They are a ‘silver lining’ to the Great Storm. The gestalt of the sum total is what will trigger a response within others, at the most fundamental levels. This is where the most important actions are taking place—the ones that will transform your DNA. Awakening comes from within, and remains forever within.”

I sigh, “All right then. I guess what you’re saying is that we must ‘grok’ this process. But isn’t there something else you could say to summarize what you want us to know?”

“Yes. Once you are in tune with yourself, both as a persona and as a soul, you will be able to hear what I say. But not before then. Those who do not resonate with these messages are not resonating with their own being. Look first to that work within yourself. Then the way of appreciation will open to you. Find a method to realize who you really are. There are many teachers in your world today who are providing this guidance. Hear them.

“When you are resonating with your own essence, or even just glimpsing it occasionally, you’re ready. Now go within, to the deepest levels of your physicality, to the tiniest subatomic structure in your cells and biochemical makeup. Sense your way there. That is where my voice is entering your world. That is also one primary portal for communion with Source.

“You are using your imagination to listen within the Threshold. There you may continue and find the aperture, the vesica. Imagine it. Look through it. Pass through it, from both directions—cycling. Set your intention to activate the vesica portal. Let go of any fixed ideas you may have about what this is, or how it works. Let go of any desire to control it. Allow it to empower you. Accept its empowerment. Set the intention to evolve. Invite Conscious Evolution to move within you, according to its will.

I interrupt again, “OK. That’s all good. I follow you. It’s all about imaging the things we’ve written about to actually be happening inside us, inside the reader. But what will this do to alleviate suffering in the world? What is going to change in our lives? How will we know if it’s working? And what are the practical techniques, the practices, that we can use to keep this awakening moving forward?”

“The only practices I recommend are the ones you’ve heard many times now. They are 1) notice what is, 2) do not put your identity into resistance, and 3) be and act from your own authenticity. These each and all lead to appreciation. Notice when you are appreciating; do not put resistance in the way of appreciation; realize who and what your true nature is in the moment of appreciation.”

“Well, now that you mention it, just last week and again yesterday, I found myself feeling very appreciative—with no apparent cause. There wasn’t really any specific thing that was making it happen. I did acknowledge it in my mind. I even realized how it made me aware of just being in the moment. It was so simple. On another occasion, I might have just let it slip by without actively paying any attention.”

You reply with vigor, “On many other occasions you have let it slip past. This new development of yours is a sign that awakening is happening—moving gradually forward. All that you really need to do for your ‘practice’ is to acknowledge appreciation when it comes to you. The more you feel it, the more it will feel you, the more it will enter you and live there creatively.

“Other than this, I do not promote any complex of practices for awakening. They are too often mere crutches for the mental-emotional nature. Methodologies here stand in the way more than they facilitate. They imply that you must ‘accomplish’ something before you can ‘achieve’ awareness. I remind you, there is nothing to achieve. Rather receive, and be aware.

“Any effort, no matter how well-conceived in the mind, will only take away from receiving what is already there for you by grace. Effort has nothing to do with enlightenment. If you feel you must have a spiritual practice and are drawn to it through inner resonance, I would advise you to treat it like an accompaniment to awakening, not a ‘gateway’. Practice is appropriate for worldly experience—for the mind, emotions and body on Earth. It enables you to live a proper life and perform the functions of incarnation. It is how you learn to navigate the physical planes. But it does not apply to the realization of grace.

“You see, there is always the risk of losing one’s identity in form—especially for ‘spiritual seekers’, who usually stand on uncertain ground. The seeker is looking for a shift, a deliverance, a new identity—a form in the end. Identity with form creates and perpetuates the ego. Attachment to any spiritual practice is an ego function. Egos will always want to delay awakening. You will find its so-called ‘gateways’ are only labyrinths of delusion.”

I ponder this for a moment. “These are rather harsh words, I think. Many people feel that spiritual practices, and seeking, are an essential part of the path to enlightenment. Religions and devotional approaches are filled with practices and techniques. Many see them as essential.”

“I understand. But there is no ‘path to enlightenment’ from my perspective. Awakening is the natural course of evolution—when you are ready. To be ready means releasing attachment to form, including attachment to practices. This is all I’m saying. You may have your practices if you must. They may be quite enjoyable and helpful to your physical-emotional-mental well-being. Just don’t look at them as the path to enlightenment.”

“Thank you for that. I know, however, some people will not agree with what you’ve just said.”

“So be it.”

I return to a previous concern, “Back to the topic of portals one last time. I’m still wondering about the ones we’re building. What do we do about them? How urgent is it that we get the message out?”

“With the publication of these books, the message is out! That’s all it takes. Hear the message. See the message. Feel the message. It is streaming into the world all around you. Do not think you have do anything. Do not think you have to push the message out into the world, or into anyone’s mind. I’ve told you before that the Letters have a life of their own. It really is true. Their life is Life itself, welling up from the eternal spring of being in every creature. Allow that Life to determine how and when and where the message will be received by others. Conscious Evolution will not be delayed or enhanced by any activity of your marketing strategy.”

“All right. I surrender.” I sigh. “I’ll stop asking for further instruction on that matter. I will trust the inner guidance of myself and of others to live this into existence.”

Copyright © 2011 by Robert Lee Potter

Why Souls Leave The Earth – Part 3

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