Consciousness Trap

The big word these days is ‘consciousness’, as most of us know. It’s on all our minds. But, if we take Eckhart Tolle’s view, the ‘mind’ is largely unconscious. He points out that consciousness goes unconscious when we are absorbed in thinking. But why is that? Why does consciousness get trapped in unconscious states? How is it that awareness becomes unaware? I don’t know. So, I decided to ask O that question. Here is the answer that came:

“Consciousness is our link with Source. It is the flowing tide of Life, streaming out from the Absolute center into all creation, into all the Cosmos. It radiates out in all directions, in all dimensions. As it does so, it immerses itself in form. Awareness, of course, is formless. But it takes on forms in its outward path from Source.

“Awareness enters states of mind, emotion, intuition, sensation. Upon entering these and other states, it clothes itself in their forms. Some of these states are high and vital, clear as the day. Others are dark, gloomy, obscure. To be truly aware of obscurity, for instance, means to take it on as clothing, to have your awareness obscured. The central spark or ray, proceeding out from Source, is a projection, an image, a shadow on the wall of Plato’s cave.

“The projection—the ray of consciousness—passes through all states of comprehension in the outer, manifested world. It registers, appreciates and then moves on. It is never static, never ‘trapped’ as you suggest. It is, yes, immersed at times in unconsciousness. This means that it takes on the trappings of dark and separative states. It takes on the appearance of mind and matter. But it only does this within the confines of the time dimension.

“From the timeless perspective, consciousness is simply out gathering data. It says to itself, ‘What is there here to behold? What may we experience in this state? Unconsciousness! Ah! That is what it is like to be blind!’ Then, having gathered enough intelligence within the time-bound immersion, it moves on. It never stops.


“Now, to return to your question, consciousness does not become unconscious. It only takes on that projection for a ‘time’. It absorbs and appreciates the dimensions of what is there to be examined. It never loses itself or becomes damaged by its experience. It only and always profits. Source profits from these immersions. There is only gain—even while falling through unconsciousness. Especially so, in fact, for that is the whole story of human evolution.”

Copyright © 2011 by Robert Lee Potter

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