by Robert

Conscious Evolution puts a premium on individuality, for its purposes. …  As long as one is not awakened into using the appreciative faculty, the individual perspective makes it seem like the thresholds are actually boundaries.

page 236, Letters from 500, Book 1.

We humans have been mistaken about what individuality means. In-dividual means ‘un-divided’. That means unified, not separated, whole, at one. To practice archetypal individuality is to realize we are a face of oneness, an archetype of oneness manifested in the duality world. Behind this, though, oneness is all there really is, especially in the domain of consciousness. It is bound up within the universal presence—no boundaries, conditions or separations. No time. No form. This is who we really are.

We—the royal, collective we—are here experiencing all this duality-rooted complexity, in order to discover the treasure we have hidden in plain view. We think, and are taught to believe, that to be an individual we need to make ourselves independent and different, cut ourselves out from the undifferentiated herd, like a calf being singled out for branding.

Our misapprehension is that we think we’re singling ourselves out. But in the end, we find ourselves branded with the emblem of the whole. And this is a good thing. Our oneness is the Mover through this space of complexity and separation, learning the language of mirrors and paradox. What often seems to be, is not; what seems not to be isThis is the world of experience, existence and differentiation. It is the world that is now awakening from it’s erstwhile dream.

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  1. Fractals come to mind as I read your post. Makes perfect sense.
    I just watched a video on the Mandelbrot Sets, and now I have some lovely visuals.
    Thank you.


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