The Importance of Being Nothing

As the second book comes closer to completion there is a new doorway [Portal] that has opened in the download of knowing. The threads of information from the other side of the veil, that separates us from the deeper knowledge of life, are coming through more and more. Our awareness and clarity have taken an evolved leap forward. The presence that lies within us now is ever more outstanding in its substance. And this is true about many of us who will not give up on the idea that we can move to a greater space in our selves and finally manifest what we believe is the true destiny of our species; peace within our heart, light within our mind and oneness among all.

Robert has been receiving gifts from another place. Perhaps they are the workings of a Philosopher’s mind, or just the Muses touching him on the shoulder once again. Whatever the source, we are thankful for this new information streaming through consciousness. Below is an exchange with a friend who had emailed.

A friend’s observation on her present state of creative action and quietude in her mind: 

“…I am moving very slowly these days…nothing seems urgent or more important than anything else!  I can spend my day doing anything that shows up and my inner critic that loves to push me to create something tangible and “important” is getting more and more quiet…perhaps he is giving up on me!  I can only hope…”

Robert’s response:

I know that feeling of “nothing is important” sometimes. It is good to notice it and call it to attention in consciousness, in spirit. It is using the formless to notice the form, or lack of form. This is a feature of the aging cycle, I believe. It is when we move into the phase of life where there is more perspective and freedom. It is true appreciation.

In youth, things are “important” because we are busy “importing” energy into the world of form. That is our business then. As we age, however, we begin to “export” what we’ve learned and lived, back into the formless, soul realms. The things of life then become “exportant”. We become increasingly transparent and essential, wise and graceful. At least we have this available to us in age. It is the wonder of aging and cycling out of incarnation.

This does not mean that we cannot DO great things in our aging years. It’s just that these things take a back seat to the deeper truths within them.


  1. I find this speaks to me. Each day opens with an unfolding of mystery that so often brings joy and amazing happenings. I find myself experiencing much gratitude at the close of the day when I close my eyes in sleep.


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