Where is the Sanity?

In a news story this week, it was reported that retired Army Colonel Jack Jacobs, a medal of honor awardee, who was wounded in Vietnam during a skirmish with the Vietcong and still managed to save the company he was with after the company commander became disabled, returned to Vietnam to visit with the Vietcong commander who fought against him that day. Watching the video of this meeting and seeing the lines of history on both men’s faces brought a feeling of hope to me. The many days that have passed since that fateful battle have given both these men a chance to heal and to understand the futility of their actions long ago. You almost believed that they were best of friends from the hugs and hands clasps that accompanied that meeting. It was obvious from the appreciative expressions of seeing each other after all these years, that these men had a bond that was beyond all human desires. Their hearts responded now, where long ago only their vital ego was present.

This is what happens when true sanity comes of age in the human psyche. It is said that we mellow as we get older and are able to see and understand the misguided beliefs that have created such negative results. It is also noticeable, in many cases, that the ego just doesn’t enjoy the fight as much as it did when it was young. It has transformed itself into a more appreciative essence and can enjoy life’s many wonders rather than trying to direct them.

Where is the power of love in all of this. It is certainly driven from the heart and not the mind. The ego is the catalyst for the mind to devise ways of protecting itself from harm and this harm has nothing to do with the death of the body, it is only a defense mechanism for protecting one’s good name or reputation. When you look at the country’s leaders and listen to the ideas they have for a better nation, it is not driven by love for the people or the oneness of the people, it is driven by their inability to keep the ego in check and rise into the higher mind which knows the path to greatness.

There is much stress occurring in our world today and perhaps we have become numb to it after all these years of bad decisions and misguided direction that has preceded it. We can only blame our sweet defense mechanism [ego] for leading us astray and it will not get any better until we put this frisky little child to rest. Perhaps we should all take a lesson from these two battle scarred war veterans and see light before us rather than the dark that walks beside us as a daily routine. Maybe the way to redeeming our soulful spirit’s destiny is through understanding that true sanity lies in the love that we offer the world at large and not the love of [ego] we offer ourselves each day.

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