Letters from 500 “Portal”

It is with great joy that I announce the availability of Book 2, Letters from 500 “Portal.” In the days to follow I will be posting about this next path on our journey. In the meantime I introduce you to the book with its opening poem:

Poem Two


Open eyes upon the world,

our vision now begins.

Down under,

core of Source

is stirring, molten, swirling

like a lava,

like a lake of stinging fire

on the veil.

It is arising, and it’s burning,


dawning from the depths

of innocence through jaded

tempers of the mind.

Who is this mind

who thinks he rules the world?

Who thinks he can control

the Source of Power

down within?

What inevitable surprises are in store

for those who fear,

and wish to denigrate the heart!

There is a withering upon us now

that will endure and multiply

until its burning hour is done.

It will not pause nor cease until

it has devoured the ancient calumny

of indignation, shallowness and shame.

The world of change has come

into the countenance of men.

Seek not for refuge

in the passing vestiges of time.

It is not there,

the succor you would find.

It is not there

within the frozen, turning, sliding into dark—

the world that’s fast eroding

into epochs of the

once before

but gone.

Seek not at all of anyone or anything.

who lures you to a form,

nor any who would offer you

a place upon that ground.

Release the clutching, catching

and the distance


that keeps you from the freedom

of your formless one,

the child of peace,

of home.

So, let the forms within you move

from deep within

and far below

the Earth.

It’s there that comes,

what is,

to surface in the moment of the pulsing

of an age—the end,

the culmination

and fruition of

the hapless world

that never


— the Author, July 1, 2010


  1. WOW!!!!! I am ecstatic and blown away by the introduction and cover of the new book, “Portal !” It is a clear message of the rising storm that is now upon this earth. “Letters From 500” gave us messages and instructions. I tremble with excitement to think what “Portal” has in store for us all. I shall fly with wings upon my feet and purchase the book immediately!

    Thank you,
    Barbara Cannell


  2. I just read in the Nation Nick Truse’s article “The Secret War in 120 countries” which first appeared in TomDispatch.com. How do you respond to all these violent movements around the world?


    1. You’ve been reading in Book One all about “The Great Storm” we humans are going through now as a tool for Conscious Evolution to ‘stir the pot’ as it were. Change needs friction to energize the next step. It is no more than a doorway to awakening. If you look around the world now, even among these violent conflicts, you will notice that there is a conscious effort to assuage these events. The Middle East conflicts are an attempt to change the system politically with an attitude of non violence, from the protesters position, not unlike the peaceful movements of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

      Though the clouds above seem dark and threatening, after the storm the blazing sun awaits us once again. You can use the power of your inner heart to project waves of gratitude for what is about to take place. You will be a part of it as a conscious participant. Your soul will offer your outer being states of bliss to give you the recognition your mind needs of the truth behind this action.

      Stay strong and stay knowing in the subtle realm.

      Have a great day.


  3. Thank you! I have been waiting for the book to be available. I have just ordered!
    Poem has powerful meaning. I looked up word, calumny. I wonder the meaning of
    “far below the Earth.” Looked up meaning of “hapless” – unfortunate.


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