This is the End My Friend

Are we in the throws of death? Looking down upon us the gods can see that we no longer understand our role in this play. We have lost our MIND. Our brains squeal inside of us and the noise is deafening. The panic that rises above the throng is smelling of rancid life choices. We have no other way to follow but to lose resistance and surrender to the “next to happen.” We have lost control and we are spinning through a whirlpool of death and destruction. The death and destruction of our “I”ness. It’s such a beautiful thing to watch, even when the pain is so great that we think we will be torn apart by it. And yes, we will be torn apart by it, only to rejoin the whole as one entity with multiple energies. 

I had to repost this wonderful letter, for the benefit of all those who deny the existence of a greater reality. Even if just a few read this post the stream of consciousness will travel beyond this world to the point of source and source will know that we got it.

Letter Eight

The End

“So, as much as I’m afraid to ask this, how did we die? How did it happen, and what was it like for us in the end?”

The good news for you is that, in the midst of the death of your species, the new species is being born, directly into you. This is not something that any of you are left out of, or will miss out on. Yes, humanity all dies! But you, the truly conscious being within, live on! It is a life much more abundant in spirit and sensitivity and richness than any of you have ever experienced before.

“This sounds too good to be true.”

It is so good that it has to be true! It is the Source of all goodness in life. It is the arising of that Source into your full and direct awareness. It is so good that truth can no longer be denied by your minds. The ego of the species, in the face of this truth, becomes silent and transparent, perhaps for the first time in the lives of many suffering, fear-ridden souls. It is goodness incarnate, within the presence itself. You can feel it right this moment, as I speak, because the goodness is flowing in and around the words I give you.

“My God! I do feel it. How is this possible?”

It is the truth, already latently living within each of you. As it comes welling up, flooding your personality, you find that you can no longer resist true consciousness. You find that you can no longer put resistance into the path of this flood; or if you did, such resistance would be swept away in an instant. Your desire to resist is gone. This is the great surrendering that accompanies your internal turbulence. It had been predicted by spiritual wisdom for ages.

All the changes I speak of in these letters happen within you, within the wholeness of you. No one is excluded from that wholeness. This internal movement has such momentum that it cannot, eventually be denied. Ego was capable of the denial for so long because the other awareness slumbered. But it was only having a dream, a bad dream. Now that you are awakening, the dream is over.

You can see ego dissolving away on all sides, now that you have the eyes to see. At first the ego falls silent, just for brief periods; then these times stretch into longer ones. Finally, you begin to notice. Noticing is one of the great universal solvents. It is the simple, humble opening of the attention that directs the focus of consciousness. Once this begins, there is no stopping it. This innocent noticing opens the flood gates.

“I’m not sure this sounds safe.”

It isn’t. When you at last see the ego silenced, you can see into and through that silence. Silence is part and parcel of the noticing. It is alive. It is the deep-channel stillness that many prophets spoke of. It is so alive that you cannot but accept it as your own life.

You will notice, more and more, that the stillness and silence are within you. Then again paradoxically, they are outside you and all around you as well. This becomes your environment and every event in that environment. As the ego grows silent and transparent, you begin to see Life as it truly is.

“You say that no one is excluded. Others have foretold that there will be a separation of the advanced souls from the un-awakened. What you’ve been saying seems to indicate that everyone gets awakened.”

Awakening is the realization that there is no separation, and there never was. It is not about division of some souls from others. All souls realized they had a choice—to continue in the manner of the Earth system, or to transform. There are many dimensions and incarnational systems in the Cosmos. Once the genetic shift happened, a certain percentage of souls made the choice to remove themselves from Earth, and pursue other destinies. No soul was forced to either stay or go. It was entirely free will at play, in concert with deep appreciation.

Still, make no mistake. This is a real death experience! You are already beginning to feel the indescribable sadness of death. It is profoundly, ecstatically painful. This is unavoidable; it is the cleansing river of grief. One cannot escape this encounter.

One reason the whole race senses this now is that you feel like you’ve wasted so much time throughout history. There is an unconscious sorrow over this. You are also truly sorry to finally be dissolving your ego. It has been an ancient friend and companion to you. For a seeming eternity, it has claimed to be your only friend, your ultimate defender and guardian! How can you not suffer at its loss?

Another source of your troubled feelings during this transition will be the new transparency toward other humans and other creatures on your planet. The surfacing of oneness may actually feel like an attack upon your senses, given your unfamiliarity with it. You will begin to sense the anguish of billions of humans, previously hidden from you by the defense body of ego. The instinctual fears of the animal and insect kingdoms will affect you as well.

In the same vein, you will also feel other emotions from the vast body of Life. This comes at you from all directions, so that you feel as if it is your own. It is the budding of pure empathy. At first you have no way of processing this onslaught of feelings. You will be overwhelmed at times, and pulled back and forth. You will lose your balance and may even seem to be losing your sanity. These conditions will force you more and more to focus only on the present moment, the Now, and to look within yourself for understanding. The present represents the presence. There you will begin to find the answers.

In reality every loss, every death, is an internalization. The energy and essence of that which dies is simply being drawn back within the deeper fabric of Life and into the being of power. That which composed the ego and made it strong, its energy of defensiveness and confrontation, is disassociating and moving back within, where it came from. As always, death is a transformation of power, a realization of deeper truth. When you feel all these things you will know what I’m talking about. Take heart and be of good cheer. It is only that you are being born.

Copyright 2010 Robert Lee Potter


    1. Jean – this letter is a beautiful mantra of a sort. It can re-establish your oneness with the cosmos and re-align your consciousness back on track. Whenever some doubt sets in about the purpose of this blog, the books or the message, I go to this letter. Enjoy Portal. It will take you higher and higher.


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