excerpt from Letter Thirty “The Void and Formlessness”

With the onslaught of election madness before us, we are being sucked in once again by the noise that accompanies the process. Campaigners, Media, TV Pundits, all have a voice that bellows out from the noise pit. It is so astounding that we can’t hear the silence that beckons us. The silence that is our listening tool for understanding the greater truth. We are almost there, at the stage of awakening that will plant us firmly in the world of knowing. And so follows this excerpt from Letter Thirty. Realize its words and you will linger in silence without any distractions.

“If we are to deliver our message in a way that receives the optimum acceptance, then we might want to understand how referring to the Void and formlessness makes people uncomfortable. And hence unwilling to accept what we offer. Do you get what I mean?”

“Yes. And I am feeling good about your intuitive progress. You and Stefan are seeing into this issue with compassion and clarity. You are generating precisely what is needed for this letter. And I would do nothing to dissuade you from your concerns. Only allow me to make again the case for deep appreciation. What you and I are calling the Void is, on the one hand, emptiness, nothingness, Evam in Buddhism. On the other hand, this Evam is the origin and fullness of everything, every form in existence—before it becomes a form—and while it is being a form. It is the field within which Source enters into existence. Out of this alchemistry derives creation, evolution and eventually Conscious Evolution!”

I asked this in the last book. But how are Source and Void different?”

“As you have pointed out, formlessness is a negation; Void is the ultimate negation. Source is the ultimate affirmation. But it is beyond both form and formlessness. It is the Absolute, ‘about which naught may be said,’ according to the ancient wisdom.”

I feel a twinge of frustration at this level of abstraction again. I challenge, “So why try to talk about it at all?

“Our audience is ready to sense the truth, whatever that truth may be. They are ready to let go of the old beliefs, attachments and false notions. The last 26,000 years have prepared you for this, if for nothing else. Our message is destined to rally and to serve those who are ready to awaken—no more, no less than that. It is fundamentally a message of appreciation. It proclaims the opportunity to look deeply—abstractly—and more inclusively than most humans have ever imagined looking before; then, having looked, one can choose the direction of one’s own destiny. In the act of choosing destiny, consciousness is born. The child is awakened, open-eyed and ready to grow out into the world.”

You fall silent. The last words echo around my head. Then you continue, “From where I view it, the deepest, most profound underpinnings of Life and consciousness—the spring of abundant waters—is the most interesting and attractive vortex in all creation. It is the center of all that appreciation can touch and reveal. There is no word or name that can adequately describe this wellspring. You may call it many names—non-locality, spirit, God, Allah, the Absolute, the Alpha and Omega. You may call it the Void. I will call it the Void.”

I gulp, “Er, well. I would be happy to continue calling it this, in that case. You know, I think we’ve covered this topic to my satisfaction. If someone is still offended or pushed away by the sound or implications of this word, then that’s just the way it’s going to be, the way that it is.

“All right. I accept what is. Nevertheless, I will continue to be vigilant to observe the way we use any and all words, especially ‘Void’. I’ll do my best to convey my understanding and appreciation of the Void, whenever that subject comes up.”

“I love your assertiveness,” you smile. “I, of course, will do the same, friend. I, too, will be vigilant.” Your smile turns to a laugh.

“OK, now. You mentioned our message is to serve those ready for awakening. Is this the purpose of the present book? Could you spell out for me what you would like to accomplish with these new letters?”

Accomplishment is not the result I would choose for our work. Acceptance is as far as I would go.”

“Semantics, I think. But have it your way. What would you have us accept?”

“That all this creation is a projection! It is no more substantial than the most delicate, abstract and fleeting idea in the universe. All objects, individuals and constructions are ephemeral; they are patterns of energy and consciousness, woven into the fabric of space. We are each working the threads of cosmic energy, weaving the world screen, participating in the creation and evolution of it all. Our awareness of the nature of projections determines how we react, learn and evolve. As we awaken, we unfold the electromagnetism of formlessness and Oneness.”

“So, please tell me how we can use the information you’re sharing? What is so important about knowing that everything is a projection?”

“I am assuming you are asking because you feel others will raise this query, not that you do not grasp what I mean. You do intuitively know. I will say it simply, again. What you project into the world becomes the world. You are responsible for that. We must know and accept our responsibility for creating the world we see before us, what we project before us. This is the key to awakening evolution within ourselves. Awakening is what we’re up to here.”

“Yes. I couldn’t have said it better myself,” I quip. “Just kidding! So ‘awakening’ is the purpose of this book?”

“That, my friend, is the purpose of all Life. Our purpose, in this writing, is something a little less ambitious. We offer, nevertheless, to assist Life in its natural unfoldment. You will recall that at the beginning, my project appeared to be no more than experimentation with electromagnetic fields of the Earth. As we moved forward, we soon realized it was more than just that. We found we had touched a nerve of deep evolution and beyond.

“Certain forces came awake around and within us. They took hold of our understandings and turned them inside out. It might seem, to a casual observer, that this was mere accident or luck. But no. We were drawn into this like a gravitational vortex—with intention. In the beginning, we had chosen our own purpose for the project. But in the end, the purpose came to life itself, and chose us for its project. This was a new and deeper revelation of destiny in us.

“There are several ways we can describe our purpose in thus work. Time is now running short for the human race on Earth. We, and all of you, must act expeditiously, be clear and concise. There is no time to dawdle. You are moving rapidly into the revelation times—the end of the Great Age. This has been called the Apocalypse! This again, means ‘revelation’. There is a Great Storm brewing within the planet. The purpose we have been given is to harness certain electromagnetic and gravitational forces that are already drawing you swiftly forward. Our mission of revelation is to conduct souls through the portal at the eye of the Storm.

“We offer our services, to those who have ears to hear—those who are attuned to this frequency. If there is a resonance in you, dear reader, notice and accept it. Let go of resistance, but be discerning. Find your deep authentic being and ready yourself to act. For our part, my group is working to help you all open the passage a little wider.

“First, see through the eye; then marshal your inner resources; then cross the threshold. Enter the Storm with a sense of wellbeing and confidence. If you remain centered in your true being, you will pass through these times unscathed. In fact, you will pass through with grace and power. You will be blessed beyond measure. The time of that blessing is Now!”

copyright 2011 Robert Lee Potter

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  1. I am very grateful for this post from Portal, especially after the hurricane just past as well as the political stuff that flies around the internet. I am working my way through, reading slowly.
    Thank you!


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