Anniversary of Disbelief

To all of those who were lost and the families that grieve we share our love. There is no justification for ignorance of the mind and vengeance is not a panacea. We can only lower our head and offer a moment of dedicated oneness to our brothers and sisters who were the warriors of our time. WTC North, WTC South, The Pentagon, Shanksville PA, Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93. To the brave first responders. All the souls of sacrifice, your passing shall not be forgotten. And even in the new world that is headed our way your memory will be a beacon for the stories passed around.

I too knew someone lost that day. Though the association was brief the impact was great. Mark Ludvigsen – Rest In Peace.

As the bells toll on this anniversary and the tears flow, the divine heart is offering its unending and unconditional love.

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