Enough of this Mass Debate

It is evident, from the remarks made recently on the Republican debate scene, that we are dealing with candidates that are ill-equipped to lead this nation, more than ever before. As a matter of fact, the divide is so great between Barack Obama and his would be opponents, that you only have to move outside the ideology bubble to see that this President has the ability to think in the most pragmatic way, and these problems facing us can be solved with cooperation and fair-mindedness. It’s so simple. When a disaster befalls a community, the community rises above their differences to heal and rebuild. When a disaster befalls a nation you would expect the same. The Wall Street protesters are splintered in their views and stand at this moment without a strong message that can dictate change or direction. No matter how many come into the streets there must be a cohesive and reasonable dialogue that will bring all together for a single goal – to heal the polarizing nation and jump-start a new dynamic for cooperation and community.

This just proves the lack of maturity the human mind has at present. We are, in fact, babies in the realm of evolution and we can expect no better than we give right now. As we approach this end of cycle and herald the Mayan Calendar completion, we can see a future filled with dramatic change. Fortunately we have absolutely no control over what will happen next on this earth, because if we did there would be no earth left to inhabit. Our destiny is in the hands of a greater force, Conscious Evolution.

The clue to this transformation is the presence of a champion for rational and common ground discourse. Of course Barack Obama is so demonized right now that no one, except his most ardent supporters, would recognize it. Here is a man who truly believed in change and came into office with such confidence in his vision that all that was needed was cooperation. An advanced species, unlike ourselves, would see these possibilities and jump on the opportunity to bring them to fruition. We, as a whole, lack the vision needed to make this succeed. Let’s face it, we are selfish and greedy and could care less about the common good and only of the good of ourself. We see it every day in our biases, our racism, our self-proclaimed nationalism and our ability to kill any or all life at the drop of a hat.

And so the light workers who inhabit this planet are trying over and over again to instill the message of growth and transformation. Is there anyone listening? A few perhaps. I know there are some who subscribe to this blog that hear the message loud and clear. I can tell by their comments that this blog is not just shouting in the wind. This call for sanity and civility and understanding is making ground among the awakened souls. And there are more every day, as is evident in the responses we’ve had for our first group dialogue/seminar being held at a private home in North Carolina in early November. Thanks to a small group of resonators there is now a grand spark of conversation at the University of North Carolina Asheville and a professor at the university has donated funds to purchase “Letters” for members of the book club. This is a beginning.

Now I ask that we lend our support to our fellow activists and send waves of positive energy their way. This is inner activism and can have an amazing effect on the physical world. Meditate deeply and move your hearts to resonate loudly. Imagine this waveform moving among the crowd and lighting up their inner beings. There can be no doubt that this will be a win/win for all.

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  1. I send energy for the gathering in Asheville, NC. My son Greg Clark, who lives in Asheville, got me starting to read Letters.


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