“The Grace of Freedom” an excerpt from Letter Thirty-Seven

It was brought to my attention yesterday that my previous post, “Enough of the Mass Debate,” strayed far from the inspiring posts of the past, as it sounded like a stump within the political world game. The person who reminded me of this has been a staunch supporter of this site and a well-respected adviser, whispering gems of wisdom in my ear when I tended to go astray. In my response to him I noted that activism is a choice we make to manifest a more expansive motion and it has legs in all realms of consciousness if it sets a new tone for advancement of the species. Even our greatest prophets realized that many could not accept “lofty gems” of wisdom, which only resonates within the highest minds and hearts, but that it necessitates metaphors or allegories to entrust understanding in those with less of an awakened being.

It is difficult for us to live only in a state of spiritual sensibility and not be effected by the general noise that blasts from our airwaves. Those who choose to physically march the halls of injustice are honored by the sidewalk supporters cheering on the valiant warriors. Both are living their destined calls and both add to the enhancement of the movement. Some of us are destined to support from the pages of inspiration that pour from the heart’s most sincere acknowledgments, and this is how we see the story told.

But today I hope to re-inspire those who linger within the message of “Letters.” Here is an excerpt from “The Grace of Freedom,” Letter Thirty-Seven:

“The body is important,” I agree. “No doubt about it. But modern, materialism wants us to believe the body and brain create consciousness, that there’s nothing more to us than that. This, I know, is not what you’re saying.”

“Your society is ill-informed. But that doesn’t matter; it does not negate the virtue of the physical-etheric vehicle. The incarnate body is integral with all deeper consciousness. It’s own instinctual wisdom tells it of this connection; there is no real separation. The body knows it does not create consciousness; but rather is a vital, essential projection of it.”

“Last night I watched a spiritual film that wanted to make the point that we are not our bodies. What do you say to this seeming contradiction?”

“We are what we are not! The only contradiction is in the mind. Acceptance of Oneness within us resolves all opposites, all doubts. What the message was intending, I’m sure, is that there is a transcendent aspect of our being that exists in its own realm, before and after the body exists. The body comes and goes in the flow, as a form. But while it exists, that form embodies and exemplifies our wholeness, if we would look for it there. Of course, we can deny it or abuse it; that is our prerogative under the system of free will. One does this at his peril, however. A body abused is a body divided from its authentic nature.

“The Life force cannot flow in a healthy fashion in a vehicle divided from its essence. Thus is the lot of most humans, sadly. Even for humans, however, all the lessons of evolution and devolution can be observed in the ways you behave toward your bodies.

“Wild animals offer an example for you. They are present in their bodies much more than humans. They instinctually honor and respect the wholeness and authenticity of the body. Without the interference of a dominant ego-mind they are living consistently in the Now, within the nature of themselves. Domesticated animals are another matter, however.

“You may study your own physical vehicle and find all the greatest spiritual teachings present there; nothing is left out. No other teacher is needed, if you choose that path. Such is the ancient teaching of Hatha Yoga, by the way. That approach teaches that spirit, at its deepest and most divine, can be accessed through this vehicle.”

“Are you advocating yoga as a practice?”

“For those who choose that path, it can bring them to the threshold of awakening, indeed. But I do not advocate any practice or discipline other than looking within yourself for the truth of who you are. Now is the time when humanity is afforded the capacity to see truly—if you consciously choose it. You are given this grace for only a brief period in the Great Cycle. My advice is to choose the straightforward path while it is being offered.”

“And who is offering this?”

Conscious Evolution itself. If you do not choose this, it will not happen for you. Look around in your world today, at all the insanity and absurd levels of intolerance, rejection and intentional separation. These are choices being made by intelligent, evolving individuals. They are choosing a continuation of the old universe. They are denying, most vehemently, that the new universe is valid. For them then, it is not valid. Do not be persuaded by their impetuosity, unless you would accompany them into that future.”

This makes me want to ask more about the times we’re living through right now. “The world seems crazier every day. I can’t believe what absurdities and outright lies are being shouted out as though they were true. And people are hearing and believing them! I feel the energy in the field of Life getting so intense I’m about to burst sometimes. I can’t stand to read the news anymore.”

“You are not alone, my friend. As Thomas Paine wrote, two hundreds years before you, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” He was speaking both of his times and yours. The soul is being tried, and called forth from its quiet world to provide heightened awareness and discernment. The times are reaching a crescendo of galactic electromagnetic flux. Rejoice and take enthusiasm from this, as strange as that may sound. All this pandemonium, distress and insanity is part of the birthing process. It is a guarantee of the changing times.

“Again, I will say, stay with your body. It can lead you true —through the chaos—if only you will let it. Allow it to be clear and pure, at least by way of intention. Let it be authentic and natural unto itself, without undue pressures exerted upon it from your mind and emotional upheavals. This refers also to all the social and religious teachings coming at you from others. Stay with your own truth about your own body. It is your truth in projected form.”

“What do you mean? How can the body be such a thing? Please give me an example.”

“The chakras, the hara or dantien centers, the meridians and subtle energy threads—all are representatives of your deeper, true being. Look at your blood, endocrine and nervous networks, the skin and other marvelous organs, the integrity and intercourse of molecules and cells. In addition, there are the essential fluids and forces, the robust electromagnetic fields, the sensuality and feeling, your senses and their underlying sensibilities. All these are representations of higher and deeper realities of being. They are all manifestations of the universal archetype of individuality.

“The fact that most of your physical bodies function so well, most of the time, is a miracle of creation and evolution. Even when they are malfunctioning, they are delivering spiritual teachings, if you would receive them. Look at your body, listen to it, feel it, know it! It is your closest teacher, your nearest portal into the authentic nature of your greater being. You need look no farther than this to find yourself!”

Copyright 2011 Robert Lee Potter

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