Our First Community Gathering

Over this weekend, on Sunday the 6th to be exact, we had our first gathering in Marshall, North Carolina, just outside of Asheville. In one of the sweetest spots on earth, nestled among two glorious mountain sides, we gathered to celebrate the messages sent to us from our future selves.

At times I feel that the timeline of past, present and future are no longer linear, but they are happening all at once. Because we live in a multi-dimensional universe our essences are moving through the space of past, present and future simultaneously and this allows us to connect and dialogue with our soul’s essence at every moment.

The gathering included those who have read the book and those who were interested in learning more about it. It is wonderful to see different generations represented in this gathering and everyone came to open more areas of awakening within themselves.

Robert allowed the “Muses” to direct the flow of the day and the creative spark bounced around the space with unconditional aliveness. It is of note how much respect each of the attendees gave to the material and to each other’s offerings.

I am still gathering information in my self about the experience and will expand upon it in future posts, but for now I want to honor those who attended and thank them for their awakened consciousness and their continued alignment.

Below is a photo of the group and thanks to Debbie Woodruff’s timed shutter release camera we were able to include all who attended.


  1. It was, & -is-, truly wonder-full to be communing in some pretty awesome times/dimensions with you all! My heart & mind, soul & spirit thank you!


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