The Next Generation is the Key to Our Future

One week has passed since our beautiful gathering and seminar outside of Asheville, North Carolina. During this week we had our dear number 11, in all its glory, pass through our earth portal with a transcendence wave of optimal power. Those who opened to the vibration felt this wave caress their heart and unlock inner awakenings. For me it was surrender in the moment of the wave and a sincerity for the expression it manifested. And so it is with the few I have spoken to who are affiliated with the Occupy Movements across the country. At last week’s event we were honored to be in the company of a few dynamic souls who are a part of the new generation explorers. Staying away from a political message here, it is evident from conversations we had that this new paradigm is about a consciousness, based on higher ideals of respect for each other and cooperation/collaboration for the greater good of the whole, or in divine terms – The One. For we are each a part of the One Source, an expression of the Higher Mind. From this Mind comes creation in its fullest depth and breath, transposed into a physical world that generates singularities of life. But like the cells in our body these singularities manifest energies that are important to keep the Creator active.

In the past our societies have deferred to the wisdom of the elders, for it was the experience of time that allowed these elders to amass knowledge. After speaking with some of these younger souls, who are truly invested in awakening from the veiled experience of life, I believe the wisdom is now coming from the next generation rather than the last. Now our challenge is to honor this new maturity with humility and grace.

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