Free from Fear

From time to time Robert sends me other thoughts that have made their way inside him through downloads or dreams. This time he has downloaded in the dream, the other dream, not this illusion we live outwardly when not asleep. There is such paradox in it all as we think of this outward life as reality and the other – dream state – as only an illusion. But that dream space is as real as we imagine this to be and who could challenge the validity of their dreams when so much of what is manifested in them is so true to form and but another lesson on the path of experience. So it is and this is what I present to you now. These downloads are of significance in this turmoil around us. We are afraid of the consequences of our actions, but it is only through these actions that the transformation can take place. Conscious Evolution is depending on it.

[A note to the reader: The post below is an edited version of the original unedited piece uploaded earlier.]

Downloads during waking up (10-19-11):

I asked my ‘angels’ to help me remember what was important from my dreams. I didn’t suspect they would respond so quickly. I started to doze off again and suddenly my head was filling with the following messages (streaming!). I was forced to sit up and grab the note pad beside my bed many times as I was trying to go back to sleep. Here’s what came through:

There is so much energy coming into our planet and our lives right now that it’s forcing us to be unbalanced. It’s like we’re electrons shifting our orbits upward to a new ring… the proverbial quantum leap. (Let’s hope it’s not down to a lower ring.)

I’m told we are temporarily experiencing increased discomfort and ‘pain’—in order to ‘gain’ the new level of awareness, the new orbit of our electronic energy. As a result of this process and influx of energy from the galactic center, we are experiencing periods of personal and cultural insanity, deep and widespread disturbances, financial distress, even bodily pain and malfunction. In a chuckling tone, they said we don’t have to seek this out; it will come to us quite naturally.

The bottom line is that we must match our own energy/frequency to the incoming Cosmos. This, both individually and collectively.

In the process of awakening, we listen to teachers who tell us about what the ‘new consciousness’ is like. What they tell us is often accurate, but what we do with their information is layer over ourselves an image of what they’re saying, what ‘awakening’ is. It is a dream on top of a dream. It actually does the reverse of waking us up—at first. It frustrates us because we cannot wake up from the dream. And now we have another dream (layer) within the dream to try wake up from as well. So we need to wake up twice. There is magic in this frustration, however, that propels us to ‘re-double’ our efforts. Actually, effort is not what we need. We need to re-double our non-effort—whatever that means.

Now, this gets a little complicated: As we listen to people like Eckhart Tolle, they put ideas (thoughts) into our minds about awakening. We then compare ourselves to those ideas and we feel frustrated; we can’t help ourselves as long as we’re not awake. This frustration takes us away from awakening. We feel even more trapped in ego. Thoughts about awakening are NOT awakening!

Our frustration leads to more pain and insanity (temporary), grit and grain—friction. Finally, I’m told, it leads to ‘gain’—breakthrough out of the dream. A slingshot effect, if you will.

Eckhart’s (and others’) words have stretched us backwards upon ourselves and our personal dream, back to the ‘wall of the little self’. Slam! Suddenly, we find ourselves being propelled (bounced) in the other direction, with a force that wasn’t there before in the ordinary dream of form. This force comes from within the insanity, stimulated by the Cosmos itself, welling up from within us. Now that IS awakening!

So what is the problem?

We are! We are our only problem.
Solve yourself and you solve it all.
[Translator’s note: I’m more and more convinced these days that we have misnamed our species, or named ourselves prematurely. We are not yet homo sapiens (meaning ‘wise man’), we are homo ignoramus! We are still waiting to evolve into ‘sapiens’.]

About the True Self: It is nothing like the ‘little-self’ thoughtform we know. It is a mirror-opposite of that. While the little self is limited, the Grand Self is limitless; the little self is separated, while the Big Self is at one with all consciousness; little self is fear-based, defensive. One Self is free and at peace, without ‘fences’. It is everything the self is not.

The True Self is not an idea. It is the opposite of all ideas. It is the essence of formlessness and power. Think of what power really is. It is energy. Energy, we all know, even from ‘materialistic’ physics, has no form.

Question: How can I conceive of something that is not me (little self) yet IS me (True Self)? The mind cannot conceive of Oneness. But it does not have to. Our other awareness can handle it. The time of mentally ‘conceiving’, i.e. conception, is over. The seed has been planted. Now is the time for incubation and appreciation.

Remember streaming (“Portals”): This is particularly relevant to the ‘muse exercise’ (500 seminar). Bring up the portals; bring in the portals; create them; allow them. Portals can be created by burning holes in the fabric-form of so-called reality. The holes create vacuums—formlessness is then drawn in.

Question: What about 3D movies? Why do most of these movies seems to be made for children (and some ‘frivolous’ adults, like me)? Because it takes a childlike mind to enter the ‘kingdom of heaven’. Children are the ones who are moving into the future. Most adults are staying in the past. 3D films are a metaphor for seeing and moving into depth consciousness. The choice for all is now to move into the depths or to stay flat. Flat is the past. Depth is Now. This emerging form of perception and appreciation is creating portals. Like Hemi-Synch®, which uses slightly different signals to left and right ears (hemispheres) and produces depth in the auditory center of the brain, 3D images generate the same effect in the brain’s visual center. 3D images and movies can be created to generate portals through the illusion into the formless.


  1. Lovely, mystical anagram, dear Robert-O….. hiding, as always, in plain sight, as we continue each day singing in our loving earth-heart.


  2. David and Jean – As I know you both well, David in person and Jean from the many blog posts she makes, I can assure you that all is well in the Cosmic Game and all remarks posted here are taken in the highest of form and the sweetest of sensation. We are a collective force you know, and our individuated energy streams are collaborating to form a more perfect space. With love and gratitude for your presence here.


    1. Good evening Stefen and thank you for your words of advice and encouragement .
      Peace within you around you and peace to all who blog you


    2. I too send deep and caring wishes to you, Stefen, and to you, David.
      We are all living in this unfolding time and I am grateful for all the messages that come via the blogs and writings.


  3. @ Jean Baker
    I too was grateful for the Free from Fear post as the storm is in all of us and each one of us as i believe the post is saying All is One. Cosmic Observer is a person too not a post . Devisive remarks do little to stimulate
    this Oneness or further dialogue which is I believe the basis for this format to discuss share and help one another Free from our egos.


  4. Your message today came just when I asked for further guidance with a post. Thank you. As I continue to read in Portal, I find a deepening understanding of the message. i.e. page 157:”You’re feeling the presence of the Great Storm within you. This is where it all happens…The passage through the Storm is likewise within you.”


    1. Im not sure if a direct comment to me your last post but it would be wrong of me to ignore the fact it resonates with my circumstances. Braking the cycle of previus belief and habit is worthwhile to melt away the ego


  5. I have Found posts a little dificult to concieve but this one is simple to the point and so incredibly clever its simple . I t made me think back to some Carlos castenada and his excercises of Not doing ie opposits to brake cycle of beliefs . He recommends walking backwards reversing daiil functions it fights with our egos I know i tried it in the streets instead of being amusing it got me shunned from the niebours as a result I stopped big amistake . Am I getting Warm


  6. This is so fascinating, helpful and spiritually clear as always. Makes sense to me on so many levels. And the example using 3D movies is 100% accurate — just two days ago I heard a woman say “I can’t watch those new 3D things the kids are watching, they give me a headache.” !


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