A Nod to Psyched in Stilettos

Every Sunday I wake to the latest newsletter from our dear friend Rebecca Dettman and it starts my “Sun” day with a smiling face and wealth of aspiration for the greatness of the soul. Her newsletter is not only inspiring but filled with tidbits of information that start a  journey into unmarked corridors. This past Sunday one of her lead stories was on the ‘Doom and Gloom’ that many of the new age advisers and their disciples are touting. It pointed out the hypocrisy between the messenger and the message. I won’t go into details here and if you are interested you can read her article at this link: Enough Doom and Gloom.

There was however one comment, out of many, who decried the piece as having no substance and filled with fluff. The commenter was so enraged that he said he no longer wanted anything to do with Ms. Dettman’s website and requested that the link to his website be removed immediately. Wow. Talk about an ego burst. This is exactly what Rebecca was talking about in the first place. How do we align ourselves with spiritual ways and then go ballistic over words that at the most could be debated, but in this case hated?

Rebecca’s newsletter, as well as her website, is filled with interesting ideas, psychic predictions and good news of a positive world and a new lease on fulfilling lives with soul directed attitudes. That’s it. No heavy stuff. No Gloom or Doom. Just that which the Soul ordered. So Mr. Complainer, if you ever do read this post, please – lighten up.

On another note I would like to recommend a book I am reading at present titled “The Source Field Investigations” by David Wilcock. This is a fact finding, researched, volume of extraordinary finds, that will mystify you and perhaps open new doors to your understanding of ‘All That Is.’ Thanks to Penny Holmes of our Asheville Group for turning us on to it.

Oh, and by the way, “Letters from 500” and “Letters from 500 – Portal” are still your easiest way to unload the dust from the past and awaken the light of your future.


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