Cooperation and Appreciation

It is with great joy that appreciation has become part and parcel of this Communing landscape. It’s easier than we think to accept ourselves in a vision beyond our present state and feel the presence that the words in Letters brings to our imaginations.

I would like to offer to the community this email from Nancy and ask that we continue to keep the space that we created and expand its circle wider and wider.


Dear Stefan, Robert and everyone at the wonderful day at Judy Welder’s Farm in November.

I want to share how truly special our time together felt for me, that I revisit some of each of our visions that day and that simply everything I’ve been doing each day since then has been with thoughts of moving toward Roberts vision in the sense of,

“What can I do today that will move us toward that time of cooperative and appreciative living?”

You ALL, not that I haven’t been working with the intuitive families and the plant kingdom that way for years already, BUT Robert, something …SOMEthing in what you have intuited, and the way it is written and formatted… is just so uplifting and encouraging.

I haven’t even had time to read half of the first book yet, partly because it’s the first book in ages that I can’t get 2 sentences without stopping to envision or spontaneously “fall” into meditation.

I may have mentioned on that Sunday the day after, that I had already perceived that your book might be the perfect educational tool for the new children of today and that I have been looking for something with as much depth as the SETH material by Jane Roberts, but far more ACCESSIBLE to a younger generation.   I believe I’ve found it! I’m gonna start recommending it to every family I can.

Many blessings and happy holidays all, and much appreciation of our intercommunicating time together. Hope I get to visit with you all again,


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