“Blockage” The Hindered Flow of Cooperation

It is almost always the case that when a body has some blockage in its flow of continuity there is a greater chance of the body failing and dying unless the blockage is removed. I find it amazing that the congressional leaders of this great nation do not understand this as well.  In fact with the amount of former doctors in the “House” you would think they would certainly get the point.

So here we are, about to enter a new age, an age of transformation and awareness; and the most inspired ideal on the planet, the one set forth by the founding fathers, is being mired by ignorance and self-serving. It’s interesting though that we elected a leader that is aligned, to the greatest extent, with progressive thinking (ideas not the party) and an awareness greater than the lawmakers presently seated. Perhaps this leader is ahead of his time and we just can’t quite get it together to catch up. Whatever the case may be the body is failing due to the plaque build up blocking the way to the heart of cooperation.

The most amusing part of this whole debacle is the alternative we are being handed by the latest pretenders to the throne. These new sightless visionaries are taking the hands of time and directing them in a retrograde motion. We all know what happens when Mercury, which represents the mind, slows down to a retrograde motion giving an illusion of backward movement. Everything goes haywire. Perhaps this is just another symptom of the Great Storm. And when the storm clouds clear we shall have brighter days.

Robert sent me this article on Obama’s Health Care Initiative and I would like to bring it to your attention as the clouds clear and the day brightens.



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