Letter Forty-Two “Naïveté”

I see the world through eyes of hope. The possibilities shimmering in the distance as I squint my eyes to see. This is not an ideal or a utopian dream, but a potential, emerging through the actions of the newly awakened hearts and minds. This potential turns to solid ground as we stand in the midst of power relegated to descendants of unconsciousness. For as the heart abounds in purity and the mind sees a greater future, the descendants of a dying philosophy are becoming weaker and weaker. There is hope now.

“Humanity has huge problems, don’t get me wrong. But your collective soul is strong. It is pure. All souls are pure, of course. But for your species, with the destiny to lift itself out of darkness and unconsciousness, the soul purity becomes illumined. That’s what beguiles me about all of you.”

“I thought we failed to do that! You’ve always said we didn’t become conscious.”

“True, but you did lift yourselves up. That self-lifting quality is the most important gift of humanity. Your ultimate success was your transmutation into my kind. And many humans found ways of being compassionate and altruistic, even while ego dominated their personalities. This has always touched vigilans. And it was this side of humanity that was worth saving and instilling into the next species. All that goodness that kept shining through was what we kept. Conscious Evolution tossed out the rest.”

“You said we were naïve. I have to agree, up to a point. We bumble through our lives, with all kinds of inflexible opinions and limitations, without a sense of where we’re really going. But I can’t see that we’re so innocent. When I look at my world I see dark, clever schemes of control and manipulation of people, to keep them ‘dumbed-down’, crazy, and distracted away from confronting the power elite. There are vast systems of cruelty and abuse among humans. I see governments and corporations willing to destroy their natural home planet, just for some temporary, personal gain. These schemes seem very calculated and scary.”

“But they are naïve. The ego congenitally lacks the requisite for real mastery. This is the case whether you are a peasant or a king. Ego awareness, remember, is only the first step toward awakened consciousness. These organizations you speak of, who believe they have power over the masses of humanity, are in for a great surprise. Their world is passing into history. They have no idea how fragile and shallow their supremacy is.

“I say ‘innocent’, because even the most sophisticated manipulators are only fooling themselves, ignorant of the vesica piscis that pulses within, uniting them to the whole. They are but children in the Cosmos, playing in the projection as though it were real, as though they actually knew the full extent of reality. They play at manipulating shadows on the wall, while knowing nothing of the projector behind them. Their world is built on very false assumptions. They suppose that people can be dominated endlessly. They also assume that objects of desire will actually satisfy their longing.

“That longing is real! But it cannot be satisfied by the world of form. Unconsciously, they long to know the true power within themselves, to know who they really are. Every living being instinctively desires this. Instinct satisfies that desire among animals and plants, through innate openness. But access to instinctual fulfillment is closed to humans by virtue of their ascendant intellect.”

I look around us toward people at other tables, working on their computers and cell phones. Doing business remotely, intellectually—apart.

“The separative ego mistakenly believes that control will amass power. But power does not reside in forms, nor can it be under one’s ‘control’. Control is an illusion of time and mind. The mastery of forms only comes when the mystery of forms is revealed within oneself, and when one is awakened to the essence of mystery itself. The mystery of forms is that all materiality is immaterial, all form is a projection from formlessness. Emptiness is the foundation for all expression. Insubstantial reality is the essence of all substance. Not to realize this basic truth makes you naïve.

“Your naïveté is actually what saves you though. It renders you ultimately blameless. It is simple ignorance—an artifact of unconsciousness and the Veil of Forgetfulness, a product of the Earth evolutionary experiment. It is naïveté, in the end, that avails you the grace of freedom for transforming karma.

“All the discomfort and disaster that accompanies being human is necessary to the experiment. You managed, over the centuries, to build up your civilizations, with no certainty of the soul, or afterlife, or even Source. Humanity’s ready enthrallment to religions and captivating belief systems testifies to this uncertainty. Look into yourself right now and see if that fear isn’t still there—the fear that all this spirit-based wonderment might just be so much wishful thinking.”

I sigh, “You won’t get an argument from me on that.”

“Nevertheless, you always, simultaneously, have the open heart through which truth and reality may flow. Your body picks up these things, even when your mind does not. And even your minds are now allowing more of the flow, as your species slides into the Great Storm. Look into your etheric body right now and see the opening there. It is in your heart and at the subatomic threshold—the vesica. Because it truly has existed within you from the very beginning, inevitably it would open to you when the time was right.

“Through trial and error, rising and falling, your bi-polar nature—both benighted and enlightened—managed to pierce the Veil. The fact is, that you achieved this largely under your own steam; at times you saw beyond the separateness. This is an amazing accomplishment in evolution!”

“Yes, but it resulted in so much misunderstanding and mischief,” I argue. My eyes look beyond you at the others and wonder what they’re thinking and talking about. “All the politicized religions and megalomaniacs of human history used it to glorify themselves and build in more separateness. What starts as pure always ends up corrupted.”

“Yes indeed. That was inevitable, given the rules of this planet, under the ‘unconsciousness’ protocol. To see it as mistaken or malevolent, however, is shortsighted and blocks appreciation of the greater picture. Also, to insist that you have been completely manipulated and victimized by outside forces is far too narrow. From the larger view, it was all destined to be as it is. Even if you had succeeded in destroying yourselves and the planet, destiny was always at work. It was unfolding its own authenticity.

“In order for your consciousness to move forward, that is, to create and pass through the cosmic portal, you must accept the authenticity of all that is, and of what is. Accepting this is the catalyst for wholeness and thence, Oneness. And Oneness is the vehicle of passage.

“Soon the revelations will mount into a crescendo, the likes of which the Earth has not seen for 26 millennia. The passage is opening. It is in you and in many others everywhere around the planet. The Earth is rising up effulgent. It is a terrible sight for darkened eyes to behold. They shall be blinded by their own vision. The Storm is upon you, dearest humans. Rejoice in the cleansing it brings. If you fear it, it will devour you. If you look upon it with deepest appreciation—within your heart and lens of creation—it will shine you into the new Earth. You choose! This is the Apocalypse! This is the Revelation!”

A cloud that was covering the sun suddenly passes, letting a golden brightness engulf us. “That sounds very difficult. I can’t imagine many people understanding how to do it. How can ordinary men and women come to this awareness? Does it mean that some will be left behind? I thought you said that no one would be left behind.”

“I said that all will awaken. The mutation is not based on any action you take, or your particular worthiness as an individual. It is not about how good you are or how much knowledge you have, or which teaching you follow. The change occurs first in your body and your heart. The mind comes along only after that. It is a genetic shift, in response to the environment of the times. All beings alive on Earth in your day are part of that environment.

“No one on the physical Earth is left out of the opportunity and evolutionary step. But I also pointed out, you will recall, that each soul has free will and power to choose its own path. Awakening is the power of choice. Your soul makes the choice. At the time of the Storm, each human awakens to his or her own choice point. This point bestows an evolutionary mutation no matter which universe one chooses, no matter whether the particular soul chooses to continue under the Veil or not. Vigilan souls chose the world where the Veil was lifted.”

“But you said the Veil was synonymous with being unawakened. How can awakened souls choose to be un-awakened? Why would they want to?”

“Yes. I said that. Explanations can sometimes be misleading,” she smiles. “All souls are ‘awakened’ a priori. It is a given. But they choose to enter forgetfulness in order to be part of the human Earth plane experience. The destinies of all souls on this planet proceeded, happily or unhappily, along this path for millennia. But the wheels turned, the greater cycle for awakening arrived. It was destined to be. And humanity forced the issue, of course, with its aggravated ego. To manifest any large-scale awakening on a planet like this, evolution itself needs to become conscious. This process is a contextual shift, and can leave no soul behind.”

Your beautiful shining eyes are wide, holding a much greater vision than mine. I want to see what they see. “What if a soul chooses not to follow the program? What happens to that individual?”

You are ready with an answer. “For souls who prefer not to be in an awakened system, there is a transition out of the new Earth. There are many such souls. Their physical bodies must, nevertheless, undergo the mutation, or die. As you can guess—and witness around you in your present world—there is much distress and turmoil as a result. Some individuals are pulled rapidly out of incarnation; some remain under duress, impacted by the general awakening around and within them, but refusing to consciously participate. Others are drawn into the vortex of evolution and turned inside out by the forces at play.

“For all physical beings who remain, there is a transmutation. The genetic shift may be repressed within the body and become recessive, but only temporarily. The mutated genes lie in wait for such a time that the soul is ready. These mutated vehicles—of souls who choose to delay their activation—are identical to those who do choose the awakened system; it is only a matter of ‘timing’.”

“I think you’re splitting hairs. It still sounds like some people are left behind in this shift.”

“Not so,” you respond, shaking your head. Your hair catches little beams of light. “On this distinction lies the whole reason behind our message and the Letters. The portals we build will not open to those who choose not to accept them. The passage through the Storm will be very, very different for those who do not choose to find a portal that resonates with them. But they will pass through the Storm no matter what.”

“So, some will be left out of awakening then. It’s all the same, as far as I can see.”

“Not ‘left out’. Delayed. And this is by free will and destiny. Their vehicles will undergo the change just like everyone else. Their awareness of that fact will come later.”

Copyright 2011 Robert Lee Potter

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