Party Like It’s 1999

It seems every time a major event is to take place the eve of the event is celebrated with uncertainty and apprehension. So is true of this “Eve of Possible Destruction” as we approach 2012. Are we counting down to the end of our existence or the beginning of the demise of our ego’s life? With the hope that the latter is the case there is call to pull out Prince’s great tribute to the unknown, “Party Like It’s 1999.” I remember how joyous we were as we danced to this ultimate party song on New Year’s Eve of 2000 with hopes that time would not stop and our computer age would not come to a stand still. And here we go again. Lots of ideas about the final days.

Well I would like to give a toast to the final days. Here’s to the loss of self-centered life. Here’s to the gain of appreciation and oneness. Here’s to gratitude without attitude. Here’s to all the souls that live a fifth dimensional life. Here’s to fulfilling the dream of Conscious Evolution and transforming into a new life form.

Here’s to all of you who have dreamed along with us and our future selves. Thank you for manifesting the light of our dream and have a joyous HolyDay.



  1. Very beautiful post today, Stefan. I am in total resonance with your sentiment. And I would also envision a “Party Like It’s 2012”. I imagine parties all over the planet next year at this time to celebrate our passage through the Storm. Perhaps the Great Party is starting right now.

    In this spirit, I have been ‘encouraged’ (from within) to recalibrate my own commitment to our work. I have drafted a ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ statement for myself. After reading David Wilcock’s new book, ‘Source Field’, I feel a need to boost my own ‘coherence’. I take that to mean ‘conscious alignment with Source’. These statements are intended to move me in that direction.

    to help open a path for awakening the human soul.

    the New Earth—born in freedom, peace, and abundance for all, filled with the presence of Oneness.

    Blessings to all during this season of re-awakening,


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