Transcendence Is Our Destiny, Its Time Is Now

With all the information bombarding us from the airwaves around us there is little we can do to shut the noise down and perceive the sounds of the inner voice and the whisperings of the cosmos.

But this we must do in order to regain our sanity and progress toward the higher values that we were born to achieve.

It is no mistake that we are considered the warriors of the physical world, and the challenges set before us, to sense our divine nature and re-member our true form, is what the earth life is about.

The new year, and it’s proposed importance, is a time to open the channel from deep within the dimensional cosmos and hear the voices urging us on. Put away the aspects of human nature and transform to the evolved state of our new being. It is just a matter of quieting the beast that lies within and domesticating it to a level of divine nature. It is not a difficult task for any of us, because we are born into an age of transcendence and this is our soul’s destiny. Heed it, make it real and we shall be with peace and love and harmony.

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  1. I love your encouraging words of wisdom, Stefan. We do all need to realize the opportunity for transcendence that exists right now within our deepest essence. That’s where we will find the true ‘sense’ (of essence) to carry on. The way is prepared before us. The only obstacle is our own false sense of self—that is, ego.



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