It Appears Out of Our Yearnings for Light

On January 1 the first chapters of the final book of this trilogy started to unfold. As always Robert hopes to begin these offerings on a number one day and complete them likewise. I imagine that the powers that be, the voices that resound through the portal of future days, find that an appealing concept as well, for the flow of words always seems to burst forth like clockwork on the first of the month and this was no exception. Whether it’s a subconscious direction or the creative winds of time finding its place in the geometry of expression we are grateful to have this next chapter of Our Story. It is still too early in the process for me to post any of this information, and out of respect for Robert and O and the council directing these transmissions I will refrain from offering any words or opinions directed to this new topic.

I will, however, give voice to something that is relevant now, in this year of transcendence and new beginnings. Behind all the hoopla of new elections and decisions of leadership there are those unknown voices that work magic for the consciousness of the planet. These avatars of the day hold pure energy in their meditations and direct this energy into the consciousness of humanity to help lift the veil of ignorance. These avatars are not the gurus of the east, as once they were, but a new breed of enlightened souls. Now that the east and west have exchanged their best ideals it is common to all of us that humanity has become one force and the enlightened ones move throughout the world community with a single purpose, to bring us through to this newly evolved environ. 


OM has been silent for a long time. I wonder what he’s been thinking. Then I realize, probably nothing at all. He has simply been feeling and noticing. This is the vigilan way that I came to know in my brief immersion. Thought comes into vigilan awareness only when invited and when useful—not as in the human mind. We are awash in near continuous thought. I muse, It must be tiring for vigilans to have a human around—me, with my incessant thinking and worrying.

“It is tiring,” you answer my thought. “But we take no offense. It is part of what we signed on for in this project. Nevertheless, I would not like to live in your world, surrounded as you are by such a continuous barrage of thoughts, words, and information. The microwaves, radio and transmissions in the air would be very disturbing to us. Our world is a space of great peace by comparison.”

Suddenly I realize I’ve never asked a very important question. “Is there a difference between your time and the new universe?”

“There is a difference. The world we are in now is still the old universe. Vigilans and humans alike live in both. Our collective species is being given the choice to move into the new, or to remain with the old.”

“I’m confused. I thought you all lived in the new universe.”

“Recall our passage through the Jaws of Hunab Ku. This happened for both of us, for all of us. It is the icon of newness. For humans, it is the magnet, drawing you to shift your consciousness. For us, it is the energy of awakening into new appreciation of you, humanity. We had grown attached to our distance from you. The new universe is a way for us all to shed limitation.”

I sigh, “I guess I just don’t really understand the new universe.”

The old man’s voice finally cuts in. “Don’t try to put it all in your head, friend. Keep it more in your imagination. Wonder about it. Don’t worry about it. Don’t try to pick it apart. These endless explanations you humans require are fatiguing indeed.”

“Say, isn’t that fatigue a little like an ego reaction?” I joke…

…Finally, I can’t resist asking another question that’s been simmering a long time. “Sorry, O, but may I ask you something?”

“Certainly.” Your voice is right next to me, inside the bubble.

“Just what is the real mission of the avatars? Can you tell me any more? Are they here to save us?”

“You know the general mythos of avatars. They come to Earth in times of great peril and need. But they do not come to save humanity. They come rather to initiate the species into its next quantum leap in evolution. They come to set the bar higher through the example of themselves—that is, in their degree of appreciation, equilibrium and authenticity. They are not here to accomplish great works necessarily. Their mission is to project more than direct. They do not build the future. But they inspire that future to build itself. They ‘lead from behind’, as the saying goes.”

With a foot in the door, I continue asking, “I know you’ve said the vision we had was metaphorical. But what was going on with the people attacking the avatars, and the sharks all around?”

“There is always a vocal minority who are manipulated by the forces of regression. It is this block that wants to hold onto its beliefs and fantasies of the past, to find shelter in them. Hence, you have the fierce fundamentalist movements in every political party and religion of your time. It is natural and to be expected. The avatars entered the world knowing this; it was no shock to them. They were aware from the start they would find a grievous situation, and that they would be called upon to deal with considerable adversity.

“Nevertheless, the avatars are human beings, and they appreciate any support they may garner from the awakening populace. And many do offer assistance and empathy. Most of the people, however, simply stand by and watch unconsciously without becoming engaged. This too is to be expected. It is the very reason the avatars have come, the reason they always come. They are here in response to misery, apathy and despair.”

“So, what can they actually do? What is the outcome of their incarnation?”

“They are acting out of destiny. Therefore, Conscious Evolution is guiding their course. When matters reach their absolute worst, the power within them grows in the greatest measure. Then their prominence soars, because they are seen—by those with eyes to see—to be beacons amidst darkness. They are beacons of magical transformation. They give us the essence of magic and faith.

“Again, it is not what they do that matters. It is how they do it. It is how they live in the midst of chaos and undeserved attacks. As the Storm rages around them, within the populace, they are calm and centered. Eventually, this serenity demonstrates the new ethic. It finally becomes the model for widespread behavior. Once this commences, the wholesale mutation of the species is not far off.”

Copyright 2011 Robert Lee Potter


  1. Greetings Stefan,
    Very beautiful and inspiring commentary from you today, as always. When I read your comments, I think, ‘Surely, he’s talking about someone else. That can’t be me he’s referring to.’ And, you know, that’s true. It’s not the ‘little me’ you’re referencing. It’s the deeper me, which is to say, the deeper US. It is consciousness itself that you reference. I am so grateful to be an awakening part of that ‘US’.

    You mention the avatars of our age who are described in “Portal”. I know that O talks of them as two individuals, and certainly, I think they are—as icons. But I feel I must add my two cents (of intuitive sense). I am sensing that we are ALL avatars at this time, as we together approach awakening. These times call for the shared presence to emerge, not just individuals. So, I feel we are each empowered now to be what the world needs and has called forth. We have come to Earth at this time in history to ensure our destiny. Bless us all.

    I appreciate that you will not start sharing clips from the third book yet. But I think I can fairly put out a bit of a preview here. The lines below come from page 3 of the new book:


    “Stop!” Your voice is firm and unyielding. “That’s enough. Tell me something you appreciate about your world, your time.”

    I bow my head and realize that my words are, themselves, generating resistance as I write. I listen to what you’ve just said. I stop and ponder. Silence. Then, hesitantly, I begin to turn toward your light.

    Slowly, I answer, “What is good and wonderful in my time is what has always been good and wonderful for all time—the beauty of nature, the warm sunlight on the first days of January, the inspiring teachings that are coming up around the planet, even amidst turmoil and despair. I am so fortunate to be healthy, to have shelter and food and opportunities in great abundance. I have resources and great friends, family. Exciting projects! We are all moving, together, toward a clearer and clearer destiny. I can feel it.”

    “Thank you. Now we shall begin….”


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