Eleven More to Go

I remember how important it was to me as a little boy to count down to the next birthday. It was always more exciting when the day grew closer. It seems we are counting down to the birthday of a new consciousness transformation just eleven months away. It is significant to note that there is a death day included in this event as well. The death of ignorance as we know it in vibrations that surround our auric field. This is a time of celebration. But it comes with the pains of birth that are part of our species archetype. For we could not appreciate this gargantuan task if it were to slip into our minds in the middle of the night. No, we need the shock and awe of discovery that rocks our body dynamic into recognition of something bigger than we can imagine.

What we perceive as a tormented time in our present life is part of the growing pains into this new life form . We can make this transition easier if we all cooperate for the good of the whole. This is the message handed down some two thousand years ago and it has fallen on deaf ears. Time to Wake Up.

Yesterday, January 30, two new souls entered the earth plane. Stella and Charlotte Bright. As they lay there taking their first breaths I wondered what would lie ahead for these two warriors. There is hope. Be conscious of the wonder ahead.


On another note, Robert is off to Paris today to complete the final book. It began downloading to him on January 1 and we have received nine Letters so far. It only gets better. Bon Chance, Robert.



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  1. Congratulations, Stefan and family. The new souls will be brighter than ever. What a year to be born! And as twins!

    I love your last post. Very elegant and clear. This phrase, regarding our awakening, summed it up for me: “…we could not appreciate this gargantuan task if it were to slip into our minds in the middle of the night. No, we need the shock and awe of discovery…”

    I am indeed in Paris at last, set up in a comfortable little apartment in Monmartre. I’m located just half a block down from the ‘marche’ (market) in the film, Amelie. While it’s rather cold for Paris (well below freezing in the daytime), I’m loving it. Paris has a long and tormented history, even bloody and violent. I have wondered why I’m so attracted to this place. I feel certain that it’s a bleed-through from a future lifetime (and past ones too). Paris today has a consciousness, for me at least, that has evolved beyond its past. I am here to absorb some of that evolutionary feeling.

    All the best from Paris,


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