Letter Forty-Six “A Glimpse Of Awakening”

Here is a wonderful excerpt from Letter Forty-Six “A Glimpse of Awakening.” We need only be awake and alert and not try to force our transformation. It is not possible to do it. It will take its own good time to happen and we can just be alert to it and give it breath. We are humans with egos – for millenia we have been so. To try and change in the blink of an eye is not the way. Have patience, for we are almost there. 

“Well, I’ll be damned!” I sigh. “Uh, that’s just an expression.”

Green chuckles, “You may in fact be damned. But you don’t have to stay that way. Truly, we all want humanity to realize this. You are not damned, except by yourselves. You are blessed. We wish you to accept it.”

I draw in a deep, long breath. I feel the ever-present field of appreciation entering me. Within its embrace, I must now return to my overarching concern. “I want to ask you all for your help. Would you please help us, G, Black, OM? There must be something we can do besides just sitting and waiting for the so-called transmutation. That seems so indefinite, and rather like a cop out.”

Black speaks again. “We understand. There is something you can do besides wait. You can look through the façade of the projection. For this, you must know yourself first. This is of paramount importance. Look into your own being deeply. Explore yourself to the very root and foundation. You, all humans, must go back and remember your roots. Without this awareness, you cannot grow to flowering. Do this in heart and body, more than mind.”

Green picks up, “This means cultivating intuitive awareness. Learn to see your ego for what it is. Accept it for what it is. Do not fight it or try to kill it out. Paradoxically, bring your awareness into the ego and let it shine there. Let it burn out through the illusion of the little self. Let the ego know itself to be illusion. Let it decide for itself—in the light of consciousness—to release you.”

“Yes,” B continues. “It is all quite paradoxical. Allow paradox. It is spirit’s blood in your veins. Ego will release you, once it has the light of awareness within itself. This you can facilitate, hand-in-hand with Conscious Evolution. Your time is indeed at hand, each and every one of you.

“You cannot make the transformation happen of your own volition, no. Such an effort would be of the mind and persona. This is impossibility. The genetic mutation is enabled through bodily and etheric forces, not mental. Nevertheless, you may influence the approach of awakening through your heart. You may invoke it’s arousal through openness within.

“You are not left without avenues of action. You may certainly participate in the transition events of your epoch. But refrain from thinking you can make it happen. You cannot control this. Give up the desire to control anything. Control is resistance. Rather, reach within, to your real power. Resonance with Source is the true means for directing your life, and especially your behavior during the Great Storm. Act from resonance, not resistance.”

I interrupt, “OK. But what are we to do with the greatest resistance of all—the ego?”

Black answers, “Listen carefully. Listen from beyond ego and mind. Here is my suggestion. When you return, do not empower your separative nature. Open your awareness to the flow and flexibility of the moment. Find it at the root of all movement within you—in the stillness beyond thought. Allow all change to come from there. Find the full measure of stillness in you. Do this only once. If you do it truly one time, it will be complete.

“From there, look out at that illusory pattern we call ego. Look at it from the inside out, as I said before, from beneath it. Watch it like you would watch a small child. Nurture it, care for it, empower it. Do this with love and conscious intention. Allow your Life force to inhabit this fragile, defensive being. Embrace it from the inside out. Embody it consciously and appreciate it fully. Heal it fully.

B takes a deep breath. “Then allow the expansion of appreciation to grow up and out through this newly conscious vehicle, the persona nova. It is the awakened ego, host of the living soul. Do this in your purest imagination, not your intellect. Allow the image of this transformation to be born in you.”

G nods and interjects, “Such, friend, is the mystery fulfilled. So let it be.”

Black resumes, “Now, there is something else you may do when you return. It will not come easily, I’m afraid. Come to know your ego, and the egos of others—like never before. Watch continuously, but do this without creating thought forms, without judgments. Allow the watchfulness to loosen the grip of separatism in you. You do not have to continue in the old ways—under the yoke of an outworn, inferior vehicle. Release the vehicle of separation, and take up the vehicle of Oneness.

The fierce woman gestures with her hands, cupping them together and staring into the space there, as if holding a crystal ball. “Awareness of the ego and its patterns, is a most powerful starting point. See the subtle, intimate way it is woven into your innermost thoughts and feelings. It is there everywhere. You need not look far. Your willingness to look is your invitation for evolution to arise within you, and within your institutions, societies, and species. If you can but notice—as Orange likes to say—when it is both active and passive in you, you will see how transparent it really is.”

Her fiery eyes glance away for a moment. The penetrating gaze transfers into the eyes of Green; his look pierces into me. “We have studied you humans, thoroughly now. And what we see most prominently is the shallowness of your defenses. We would have you see the same thing.”

“Shallowness?” I react, with a squint.

“Indeed. Your separatism has no depth.” Green is holding my gaze fiercely. “In fact it denies depth of consciousness. This is its primary focus—and its fundamental weakness. All the problems of your world, all the obstacles to your desired transformation, lie at the feet of this shallowness in you. It is not just the aggressive, domineering, arrogant ego, but also the victimized, withdrawn and complaining sense of self, that denies depth and Source.

“Any form of resistance you feel about yourself or your environment needs to be examined and appreciated for what it is. It needs to be filled with light—from within. This you can easily do from where you are now. This is the beginning of the change you seek. This is the understanding you may take back with you.”

Copyright ⓒ 2011 Robert Lee Potter

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