The Road We’ve Traveled

It has been my wish to bring inspiring and thought-provoking content to this blog. In the past I have been criticized by a few for drawing on political ideology and its position in this all evolving storm which drives us to greater heights and more heartfelt decision-making. We can’t discount the effect that politics has on our lives. We live in a world that is driven by politics, and no matter how hard we try to ignore it and just meditate our way to salvation, we cannot. A dream is not an illusion, it is a deep connection with our soul’s cry and our dream is to allow the great intelligence that abides in All-That-Is to do its work and let Conscious Evolution preside over our development.

I can’t hide the fact that I am a supporter of the Obama Vision, that is a more Service-To-Others way of life. This goes beyond the ego manner of our human ways and reaches for the glory that will be humankind in its next incarnation. It is not hard to see this, for we, as loving beings, need only sit in the seat of our heart for one moment to feel the power of love and the oneness that lies within us all.

For those of you who agree with this idea, that we are beings driven by our deeper nature of love and compassion, you will certainly be touched by this promotional video produced to ignite a new wave of hope and a second term for Barack Obama.

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  1. I too support Mr. Obama and I think we all need to have dialogue with him on ways to move forward together for a more just world order at home and abroad.
    I am strongly against the focus on raising money though.


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