Letter Forty-Seven “Faith and Magic”

What is the most dramatic part of having a veil of unknowing placed before our minds? It’s the uncertainty of our life’s journey and the outcome which hides in the distant future. Now, more than ever, we are struck with indecision, especially those on the path of light, who have not felt their feet planted securely on either side of the veil. We sense the inner yearnings and express our belief in them, but yet, there is doubt. We know that even the greatest of souls to come to earth have had doubt. It is part of our nature and we must allow, without resistance, for this too shall pass.

“What will we send back with you? Here is what we are sending: a figment of imagination, a form of communion, an open portal into our world. From the center and the edge, you will each decide which timeline, which species, which universe to follow. The choice you will make has already been made in eternity. This is the paradox—the making of magic, with both free will and pre-destination. We are spontaneously writing the ‘script’, and it is, at the same time, guiding what we write—all our choices. All things are possible in the realm of mystery, timelessness and formlessness. All actions are magical when taken from the basis of authentic being.

“What is about to unfold on our planet—in your time—is a wonderful transformation, up from the roots of the Earth, through your body and soul—from the soil—into the divine sky. Matter into spirit, spirit into matter. Thus, will Oneness be proclaimed and known within the population and in the individual. The events that bring this about will be clear and present magic for all to see. Only those with the most recalcitrant hearts will reject the obvious. And even they, in the end, will find no solace in their denial.”

Your voice begins, almost melodically. “Magic, however, is already welling up from within your species. We do not send magic back with you. Rather, we send the silent song, from the still, small voice, as we have come to know it in our species. What we send is this: the stimulus toward recognition of the vesica piscis—the essential feminine—lying at the root of you. We send a way, for anyone who cares, to hear the silence that sings there.

“We are delivering back to your time the key to hear your own inner voice as never before, beneath your separatism and fear, and to resonate with that voice. It is a subtle note of music—of the muses—that will trigger the vibration of your DNA. This vibration will put you into a state of readiness.”

OM Speaks, “What we are saying, in the most practical terms, is that the portal you’re constructing is both the physical and psychical bridge. Once opened you will stand firmly at both ends of the bridge within your own selves. You will be both human and vigilan, alternating inside your own consciousness. Part of the time you will be human, with ego-mind still dominating. But during the other part, you will be free of ego, transformed, and indeed formless.

“For any human living today who has recognized the approaching mutation, there is the opportunity right now, to live with one foot in each universe. What does this mean in your daily lives? You may feel ‘crazy’ at times, torn between your divided natures. At other times, however, you will feel the opening into your destiny of freedom and peace and empowerment. You will feel both duality and Oneness—like never before.”

Copyright ⓒ 2011 Robert Lee Potter

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