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I’ve never been one to pine over the end of a tv series, they usually run their course after 5 or 6 seasons and it’s time to move on. With this said, I have recently watched the entire 2 seasons of Stargate Universe. The last in the Stargate series, this testament to our future lasted 40 episodes (2 seasons) and ended with a message of hope for the travelers aboard the starship Destiny. I’m not going to review the series here, nor will I try to promote continued production of the series because cancellation is usually a death knell for any series with less than average viewer support. This series was not jam-packed with action or aliens, though there were a few; no this series was about the future of our species in a world beyond the safety of earth and a destination mysteriously veiled by the inaccessible information locked within the ships database. Here is the mythology behind the series:

Stargate Universe is set on the spaceship Destiny, which was launched by the race known as the Ancients from our galaxy several million years ago. Several ships were sent ahead of it to seed the universe with Stargates. The Ancients had planned on using its Stargate to board Destiny when it was far enough out into the universe, but they eventually abandoned the project after looking into ascension among other things.

My purpose here is to understand why, after I reached episode 40, the last episode, I became so emotionally attached to the series itself. Then I realized the connection with “Letters” and the ability to imagine something greater than we have achieved till now. The possibilities that lie ahead, veiled in mystery, but waiting for the brush of imagination to make its move. When you look at the universe what could be more evident than the action of one great Source imagining All That Is and through that force of imagination all This appears. I think that’s what I felt as the last of the Stargate Universe episodes went dark and I was left to imagine the next step. Now it’s up to all of us to imagine that step. Together our power can produce that which is waiting to become. Our future selves are giving us signposts to make it happen. They are depending on it.

This excerpt from Letter Forty-Four, “Knowing the Oneself,” adds a new dimension to the ongoing mystery that makes our lives so sweet.

“Well, drowning or not, I have to start asking. What was I looking at in that last subdi? How real was it? What was the symbolism? How does it connect with my real world?”

“You still believe there is a real world?”

“I have to believe something, don’t I?”

“Yes. I’m only making fun. You do in fact have to believe something—that is, if you choose to be on Earth in a body. A fundamental kind of belief creates all the illusion and projection we live in. That is the root thought about our collective incarnate world—the ‘consensus reality’. In my time, we still experience this root projection as well. But at the same time, we can see through it to the underlying truth. We can believe and know simultaneously—seeing with both the outer and inner eyes.

“To answer your first question, the Ends of the Earth is a physical metaphor, as I said. It does not directly depict the world you’re in. This is obvious. Yet it tells a story that lies in each human heart, in the dense physical body of your times. Every element of it has its correspondence in the meaning and revelations of your day.”

“Are there really avatars in my time?” I ask. “Or is that just a metaphor too?”

“Yes, there are. They’re real human beings, just like yourself, on Earth now. There are two of them—twins of the soul. They are not perfected beings; nor are they angels. They have, however, accepted an elevated mission in this life. It is their charge to embody the energy of transformation—for all—within themselves. They are representatives and channels of the inspirational force that shines into and beyond the Great Storm. It behooves you to recognize what these individuals stand for, in your own hearts.”

I lean forward pensively, and put the keys in the ignition. But I decide not to start the car yet. “Can you tell me who they are?”

“I have told you—in your heart! I will not say it in words. True recognition demands that you find them and hear their voices for yourself.”

“All right. I get it. So, what will they accomplish? What is most important for us to know about their mission?”

“You know that, at critical times in your species’ history, there have been individuals who stood out in leadership and inspiration. Their memories, and the goodness they generated, are carried down through the ages to you even now. But often, in their own times, they were misunderstood and rejected by the masses and by the authorities of humanity. Avatars are rarely seen at first for who they are. The word avatar comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘to cross over and descend’. Thus they embody an other-worldliness that is difficult for existing systems to accept.

“Those souls who take on such missions, come to assist during the most severe transitions. They only appear when the people are in greatest distress, when there is a pent-up demand rising to the heavens. The heavens always answer that prayer. Some avatars have been great, advanced beings. For instance, the Buddha was recognized as an avatar of the Hindu god, Vishnu. Christ, Krishna, Lao-Tse, Moses and Mohammed were all avatars for their ages. Some avatars were just simple humans with no particular claim to divine hierarchy. Such is the case with the twin avatars of your time.”

“But if this is the time of the Great Storm, why don’t we rate a god incarnate, like a Buddha or a Christ? Surely the need is great enough.”

“Yes, the need is great. However, it is such an acute and focused need that these particular souls are the ones best fit for the task. The essential mission is to form a psychical bridge between the old species and the new. To make up for whatever might be lacking in divine authority, these two individuals have come forth together, as one force.

“In the twinship, there is yet another powerful bridging function: Two pillars of stability; two visions of destiny—feminine and masculine, embracing all the consciousness of your species, inside the vesica piscis. Together, these twin visionaries are calling upon all humans to open their hearts, their own portals, into the next species—away from ego into the grace of freedom.”

Watching your face as you talk always puts me in a kind of trance. I feel a wave of appreciation, just being in the same space with you. I lean back against the door of the car and ask, “What do you mean exactly by ‘twins’?”

“Well you might ask. I will give you some specific information here then. Twinship may appear a bit obtuse. Simply allow it to stream through your awareness for now. It matters little whether your mind grasps it. I am speaking symbolically, for your heart to hear.

“The vesica piscis, you have witnessed, is formed from the intersection of two circles; the geometry is such that the width of the vesica is just the radius of each circle. This correspondence embodies the principle of identity between the two. It reveals that the two are actually one—sacred intercourse.

“Twin souls, so-called, are actually one soul that has divided into two parts upon the Earth plane. This is a natural function of Oneness expressing into duality. You and I are such a formation. All souls divide this way in some fashion as they enter the world, particularly at the level of the root vesica, the microcosmic field you encountered with OM. Some have called this a twin flame; flames can easily assume the vesica shape, by the way. Also look into the macrocosm to see a similar duality. A majority of stars in the galaxy are contained within binary systems. And the expression of twinship is seen in human mysticism all through the ages.

“As we observed at the Ends of the Earth, the parentheses embody the presence of the vesica. The divine portal mystically divides itself during twin incarnations. All that is experienced over all their lifetimes by the two halves—that is, between one parenthesis and the other—is embraced and synthesized by them both.”

I relax in my seat, soothed by your voice and the patter of rain all around us. “Tell me more about these parentheses.”

“There are many expressions of this symbolism in your culture. A parenthetical phrase in literature contains qualifications related to its main text. Parentheses in mathematics are called binary commutators—‘the communion of two factors’. In chemistry they are used to denote two or more elements within a single compound.”

“OK. I get it,” I break in, realizing you could go on. “This is obtuse, and probably more information than I needed. But I think I’m following you. How often do these parentheses—soul ‘halves’—meet while in incarnation?”

“Normally, not often. The point of the whole experience is to be differentiated and physically separated. Twin souls spend the vast majority of their lives in very different places, different circumstances from their counterparts. But they are always bracketing an integral worldview. When they do eventually begin to encounter each other on Earth, as you and I are, it signifies that the time of re-integration is approaching—the time of re-forming the vesica is at hand.”

“We are re-integrating, you and I?” I ask with interest.

“Not in either of our lifetimes, no—but soon enough from the oversoul’s perspective. The reason you and I have taken on this mission is that we are beginning to close the parentheses again. It suits us, therefore, to be transmitting and receiving these letters.”

“That makes sense. So, the twin avatars are twin souls?”

“They are indeed,” you affirm.

“Where are they along this path of re-integration?”

“They had already come back together in their most recent lifetime, as one integrated incarnation. They chose this new assignment based upon that awareness. They agreed to separate again, one more time, for this high calling. Since they know intimately all that is involved in reuniting, they are in a unique position to offer humanity a symbolic portal for transmuting itself, and ‘re-membering’ what has been forgotten through separation.”

“All right. This is deep.” I shake my head. “So, they’re here to help move us into Oneness?”

“Into an awareness of our underlying Oneness, yes.”

I turn the ignition key, prompted by a sudden impulse. “Shall we go?” The engine thrums to life. Your eyebrows lift as you listen and nod. I chuckle and continue along my list of questions. “I’m getting more and more curious about this ‘underlying Oneness’ you keep mentioning. So, what else do we need to do, beyond just knowing about these avatars?”

You appear intent on feeling the rhythm of the motor, bending forward toward the sound. “I have read in the chronicles that your engines made such noise—a curious resonance. So, about the avatars, I would say resonate with them, in your hearts and bodies. Stand with them in essence. You do not need to believe in them, or revere them as divinities. They are not that. They do not seek overt recognition of their deeper, spiritual status—neither in your minds nor in your media. They do not seek accolades or devoted followers; they have very little ego at play within them. And yet, in their individualities, they are well known to most humans in the world of your time.

“What they seek to promote is realization of the greater opportunity opening to you all—the destiny of your species. This is a heart and body function. The mind is at a loss to truly comprehend the profundity of the blessing you are being offered. Many humans, being locked in their minds, are choosing to reject the offer, unfortunately.

“A word to the wise: One would do well not to stand in their way. To reject the essence destiny of your species is to invoke the god of resistance and denial. It is to refute the authenticity of your very being. Such action will not deliver you from the Storm. Rather, it invites the Storm upon you—with all its rage, fear and dark illusions, rising as a tempest to devour your sanity. This is the madness of your times, rampant.

“There are many who are profoundly resistant. They can’t believe what they see right before their eyes. They have cut themselves off from natural trust. Fear has displaced their ability to discern truth. This is, of course, also a manifestation of their greater destiny. It is all part of the apocalyptic drama. All actors must play their roles.

“The outpouring of apocalyptic rage is the voice of fear you tapped into in the other dimension. This is some of what you’re feeling in yourself, my friend, when you have your ‘insane’ moments. In these moments, you are resonating with the losing souls—those who choose to lose within themselves—in resonance with the dark side of destiny. Ego, dying and writhing, makes this choice for them. Thus resistance reaches its apotheosis. On the other side of the Storm, I hasten to add, these souls too shall be released. All is one behind the projection.”

Copyright © 2011 by Robert Lee Potter

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  1. Thanks Stefan,
    I can’t wait to watch the Stargate Series you describe. Another sci-fi series that I loved, and that was cut short, was “The 4400”. Another story about the transition of the species. here’s a link, if you want to know more:
    (Just 242 days to go)


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