Whacko-ism or a Sense of Empowerment

There is a wonderful new idealism spreading across the planet. The power barons are losing ground and the soul of the people is gaining hold. This is what happens in the midst of cosmic shifts. It has happened before, through millenniums, and will most likely happen again in the future. Whenever a species moves too far out of balance  the cosmic energies, through Conscious Evolution, take hold and bring it back toward center. There is no getting around this. It is the natural order of things. I read this op-ed yesterday by Paul Krugman, (click here to read) “Those Revolting Europeans,“and had to post a link to it because it says much about our transforming ways and our ability to see the light and follow it home.

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  1. Hi Stefan,

    Having just this week returned from living 3 months in Paris, I have some particular concerns about the French election and its potential effects on the rest of Europe and the world. It was good to read this article. I found much resonance in it.



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