If we believe in the words of the prophets and try to follow in their footsteps then the main ingredient in this rich treasure trove of wisdom is the idea of Oneness. In this oneness lies the idea of equality among ALL OF US on the planet. Whether we agree with others and their way of life is truly a personal right, however the freedoms we aspire to and the rights we claim as our God-given belong to all humans. If there is love and compassion in us then we must lose the biases that corrode this Divine Nature that our souls bring to life.

With that Divine Nature comes courage to speak the truth of our convictions even when the response from others could be less than desired. And when these convictions are intended to act as a uniting force rather than a dividing force it is scrutinized more harshly. Some of us have yet to experience true love and compassion for others and this is the true darkness in our lives. What is passed on under the guise of the divine word is actually the formulation of prejudices to incite the masses. Divine Love has no prejudice and excludes no being. Divine Compassion is all-encompassing and embraces all hearts and minds. We applaud the courage of Barack Obama. His heart has more power than his politics.

Here is an excerpt from Letter Seventeen “Three More Suggestions.” Non resistance to life’s experience and unbounded acceptance of it all.

Turn not-resisting into active acceptance of the moment; accept Now as your true identity. It is only logical. If there is only one Now and no other, then everything is within the Now, in the same space. Everything belongs to it. We are all simultaneous, as I’ve already asserted. We are all one, both in essence and in substance. All the boundaries in the world, in nature, in the Cosmos, are just permeable membranes; we are literally liquid beings, flowing into and through one another. We all flow continuously through our environments.

There are many examples of this fluidity. Look at breathing for one. It is the most fundamental life-sustaining action we can take. Stop eating and you live a few weeks; stop drinking water and you live a few days. Without breathing, the body and brain die within minutes.

The breath we breathe sustains our life in the physical body more essentially than any other function. Yet we are giving it away in great exhalations several times a minute. We draw in and breathe out. Where is the boundary between our bodies and the air, the room, the person beside us, the sky? Our skin is highly porous, especially at microscopic and subatomic levels. Our minds are continuously receiving and digesting the ideas of others, and in turn giving them away again. The heat and cold outside invade our bodies without hesitation. We take in food and give off waste products. We touch each other and feel comfort, irritation, or excitement.

Our boundaries are, in truth, arbitrary. We construct them and use them for good and understandable reasons, but that does not make them real. We could just as easily see that there are no permanent boundaries, and no one would be the worse for it. In fact, with awakening, we are a lot better off. It is our knowing of oneness, integration and sharing of the fabric of existence with all else, that gives vigilans health and abundance. We see boundaries as elements of functionality, not identity.

“What does this have to do with non-resistance though?”

It is all about using the energy humans have been putting into resisting reality, and instead putting it into accepting reality. Oneness itself is a profound acceptance if you can imagine it—the simultaneity of the atom and the Cosmos, the tree and the bird, the human and the vigilan being, indeed all forms of creation. We are one consciousness that experiences and expresses itself through infinite forms, through infinite degrees of realization.

To accept this in your body and your being is to identify with all, and to release the illusion of resistance and separation. These forms can seem separate indeed to the thinking aspect of limited awareness, but these forms can also be known as intimately integrated and interwoven, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. They are one vast organism, the only one in reality! There is no organism but us, all together!

And again, there is no other Now. The oneness inherent in the organism is identical to the oneness in the Now. There cannot be two onenesses. Therefore, who we really are is the Now! We are the spaciousness, the stillness, the peace, the Life! Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the Life. No man comes to the father but by me.” He was telling us of his identity with the oneness, the Now, the Source. Awakened, we can each truthfully say these same words. No man comes to the Source who first does not identify with oneness. Mohammed taught the ‘Oneness of Allah’; there is no other One but this. When Buddha explained his Four Noble Truths—for moving out of suffering into freedom—he referred to this same way into the formless Source.

The religions of your day formed elaborate belief systems to explain the situation. But the reality is much more profound and simple than those beliefs. It isn’t just holding the idea of a heroic figure or ideal in your mind and emotional memory. It is about interposing your awareness, seated in the deepest integrity of your being, upon the being of All That Is. This means fully identifying with that being as your Self. This is the Allah That Is.

The winds and thunder of the Great Storm gather the greatest resistance that the world has ever seen. It is around you and upon you. You will weather this tempest well if you accept in your heart that you are at one with the Storm. It cannot be avoided or dismissed. It is a manifestation of your own deep being, collectively and individually. Welcome it! Knowing, in the space of Now, that there is no future or past or present time, you will look through the turbulent events before you, into the power of your own creative peace. Acceptance and living without resistance, if followed to their logical conclusion, lead inexorably to oneness.

Copyright 2010 Robert Lee Potter


  1. Stefan,
    This is a beautiful work of words. Thanks for stimulating conversation around the divine nature of compassion. I loved your inspired lines: “…the freedoms we aspire to and the rights we claim as our God-given belong to all humans.” And “Some of us have yet to experience true love and compassion for others and this is the true darkness in our lives.” In these two lines, I believe, we have the crux of all the divisive political challenges in the world.


    1. Robert-
      One of the rewarding gifts of Letters is understanding the heart’s importance in life’s experience and giving the keys to unlocking the way to fulfillment. Of course resonating with these ideas is the first step and allowing them to fill the void in our lives is the gratitude we owe to the words. Thank you.


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