What You Can Imagine You Can Create

We recently went to see the new Ridley Scott film “Prometheus.”  I admit to being a Sci-Fi enthusiast and between James Cameron and Ridley Scott I find great joy in their film making; big landscapes, great effects and usually big ideas. It was this way with “Avatar” and in spite of the obvious horror and mayhem in the first two of the “Alien” series, a well made film that satisfied the longings of our imagination for something spectacular. 

I must admit that I was thrilled by the idea behind “Prometheus,” scientists in search of the beings who seeded our species here on earth, and finding images of a distant star system on cave walls dating thirty-five thousand years in the past. Then their journey to that star system, hoping to meet the Source of our presence on this planet. This took up about a third of the film, it was going the way my imagination takes me, finding magnificent beings, glowing with illumined minds and bodies, ready to bare their souls and educate us about the truths that lie beyond our veil of unknowing. And then it took a left turn, back to the concept of alien worlds with alien creatures and alien mayhem on poor humans, not to mention an ominous android who seems to show up in every Ridley Scott ‘alien’ movie. I guess that’s what fills the seats and we’ll have to leave the redeeming qualities to another film in a future time.

 We have dreamed of a more divine way, a cosmic heaven that is home to ascended life-forms who have discovered the truth and live in a state of conscious oneness with the “I AM.” Now that’s a story for the imagination. In truth, I enjoyed the big ideas, the big sets and especially the 3D effects. And in a small way I am hoping that either Ridley Scott or James Cameron will somehow venture across this blog and become interested enough to read more. Who knows what greater minds might find this small place in the ethers of web-land and get a tickle from the Cosmic Winds that spark their imaginations. Books like “A New Earth,” “Seth,” the “Pleiadian” sagas, or “The Law of One” channeling, all these pages of information trying to enlighten us to a new frontier of wisdom-born knowing.

Which brings me back to Love. If I could have left the theater with the Arrow-of-Divine-Love piercing my heart I would have felt it was a very good day. With that said, I am happy to end this post with something of that topic written in the epilogue of the recently completed third  book of “Letters from 500.” I hope it will find its way into the mind and heart of Ridley Scott or James Cameron and perhaps one of their future films will be something that all our fellow seekers can call their own. 


“Love is God. It is divine nature, Source. Here in duality, it is seen to be an aspect, a face of the deity. It can also be seen as an energy, a presence. But these are only perceptions. We can describe love in many ways, even in terms of its opposites. However, no description or perception can contain true essence. Love is itself the ultimate, perfect ‘container’. It embraces all creation. Love attracts and merges all, binds all in its boundless domain. We talk of love, trying to capture an understanding of it. We say it is this or that. We try to place it into a form, to put conditions on it. They do not fit. They never can.

“Love is Oneness. It is Void. There is no container for it. There is no true separation of it into this or that face or attribute. Love is not separate from truth or beauty or God. Love is not separate. And yet we treat it as though it has different forms. We must, if we are to use our minds in this world—in speaking and writing and imagining.

“Souls love the Earth because they know their place—in both realms. They also know us, the projection, as we are. They embrace the two—from the One. This is true love!  We, on Earth, are forms incarnate. We have broken off into the Illusion in order to be projected here, to perform roles and functions in the great game of evolution and form. We cannot do this without a base from which to live and move and have our being. That base is love. It is soul. In its bridging and form taking, soul comes to know duality. It takes on a dual nature. Out of this, comes its twin quality: Wisdom.”

“Wait. Please explain,” I interrupt. “How is wisdom a twin of love?”

You answer directly, “Love is intimate knowing. So is wisdom. The distinction our minds perceive hinges on the nuances of ‘intimacy’. One side, in this ‘hinge’ metaphor, swings into profound, personal closeness; the other swings toward the depths of integrated intelligence. Both definitions merge when we contemplate ‘intimate knowing’. Love places emphasis on the intimacy, while wisdom focuses on the knowing. As one, they employ an identical power in nature. Such is the duality of the soul.”

Copyrightⓒ 2012 Robert Lee Potter

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