Not a believer, a Knower…

As we wind up to the date 12/21/12 there are different ideas about what the outcome will be. Some have named this time the ‘Apocalypse,’ as they believe the bible has proven that we are destined for the end time and all those who believe in the word of the ‘Lord’ will be lifted into paradise and those who have turned from God’s grace will be cast into the fire and brimstone of Satan’s mighty sea. This was not the direct word of Jesus, but an idea brought about by those who would control the minds of the mass audience they proclaimed to honor. In fact the definition of the word ‘Apocalypse’ from the ancient Greek (apokálypsis)  is “lifting of the veil’ or “revelation.” This is the most positive way of looking at this end cycle. It presupposes that humankind will come to a level of illumination, awakening or enlightenment that will reveal the true nature of existence and catapult the new vision into the next cycle of life, the age of Aquarius. This is also a belief, yet as more and more of the world’s population awake, out of the dull drumming of the mind control set up by the power brokers, the more they see there is a different way of ‘Knowing’ what lies ahead. This Knowing does not come from the mind’s system of believing, this Knowing comes directly through the cosmic sheath into the delicate mystical wheel located in the center of our heart. This could also be known as the awakened heart chakra, the activation center that illumines all other chakras within the human form. It is said that all one needs, to know the realness of this life and beyond, lies within the great engine that drives our form from birth to death, the Heart.

On June 5th Robert presented to a large number of interested seekers a seminar on Letters from 500. It was filled with questions and answers and a five minute guided journey into the aliveness of the world and people within the pages of the books. We have decided to post some of that evening in short video segments. Here is the first:


    1. Lisa – thanks for the support and the gift of your inner sensings. I’ve read your writings and feel the soul that smiles through your interpretaions of a life that is filled with mischief and magic. The mischief is the aching of ego’s quest for domination and the magic is the inner cry that beckons greater things. Keep listening and stay in touch.


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