The Soul Reveals Itself

With all the discussion about the Soul and its purpose in the material world, it seems appropriate to say that the Soul is the manifesting agent in all things, in other words, all  things have a Soul. The Soul is the experiencer. The divine recipient of all that happens in our lives. It matters not what kind of experience it desires, whether it be through human incarnation, or as a tree, a fish, a planet, a universe, nothing is without a Soul. The Soul is that part of Source which experiences. You’ve probably heard the expression that God or Source is having an experience in and through each one of us. Well that part of God or Source that is having that experience is Soul.

How does one reveal its Soul to its physical mind and body? Through meditation we can enter into a state of profound silence and spaciousness, and once that state is met the Divine Essence, that has been playing hide and seek with our material self, finally shows itself. Its subtle form moves in with such grace that we can only notice it at a glance. But this glance is beyond any normal sighting. This glance is an innate sensation that glides outward from the depths of our heart and imbues all our remaining form with an effulgent light. This is the light of the Soul.

I would have to say that the Soul is more felt than seen. It is our guide to the ways of Divine life and eternal Oneness with our Higher Self. Once it introduces Itself to us we can no longer languish in the world of ego, we can only swoon in the delight of our Cosmic Self.

And so, we are today immersed in that effulgent light as we transcend all the smallness of human i-ness; the biases and prejudices that have pervaded our psyche are dwindling slowly but surely. The layers of ego driven contamination are peeling away bit by bit. This day we shall remember as a day of sensibility and honor for human righteousness. This day the Soul of humankind has surely revealed itself.

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  1. Words of true wisdom, dear Stefan. This post and your last one are deeply rooted in that Soul you’ve just spoken of. Do I sense you may be starting to write your own book?


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