Individuality Archetype

This past weekend I was in Philadelphia with Robert and, as it would be, we explored some more urgings from our Inner Guides. We were touching on the mystery of Knowing and it was revealed to us that Knowing is really just an aspect of the great Unknowing that is clearly present in all beings, in all dimensions of the formed worlds. Even in the state of Enlightenment there is that consciousness which faces the Unknowing of the manifestation, from the formless into the formed. It is this mystery that keeps the manifestation from becoming stagnant. This is truly a paradox of great proportion, however the mystery that lies in the next creation to come [and the next and the next] is what keeps us continually on the path of awakening. For Awakening is a state of Becoming and this state is a transformation ad infinitum.

Here is another short segment from the AHA Center presentation.

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