Our Responsibility

I was about to attach another segment of the AHA Center presentation and decided to peruse the books for clarification of [Our Responsibility] within this project, set before us by our future selves. We use the word responsibility with such a sense of moral certitude that it has become a commandment in a way to our present life-form, “Thou Shalt Be Responsible.” This clouded abstract is the downfall of much of our ability toward freedom and thanks to our dear brother “ego” we are attached to its non-sense. Another illusion in the works here. Another thought form that hinders our ability to see beyond the veil. 

This excerpt, form Letters from 500 – Portal, gives understanding and release from this mis-used commandment of responsibility. Our responsibility is far greater than our minds can imagine, for our imagination has created the illusion that our minds respond to.

“OK, now. You mentioned our message is to serve those ready for awakening. Is this the purpose of the present book? Could you spell out for me what you would like to accomplish with these new Letters?”

Accomplishment is not the result I would choose for our work. Allowing and acceptance is as far as I would go.”

“Semantics, I think. But have it your way. What would you have us accept?”

“That all this creation is a projection! It is no more substantial than the most delicate, abstract and fleeting idea in the universe. All objects, individuals and constructions are ephemeral; they are patterns of energy and consciousness, woven into the fabric of space. We are each working the threads of cosmic energy, weaving the world screen, participating in the creation and evolution of it all. Our awareness of the nature of projections determines how we react, learn and evolve. As we awaken, we unfold the electromagnetism of formlessness and Oneness.”

“So, please tell me how we can use the information you’re sharing? What is so important about knowing that everything is a projection?”

“I am assuming you are asking because you feel others will raise this query, not that you do not grasp what I mean. You do intuitively know. I will say it simply, again. What you project into the world becomes the world. You are responsible for that. We must know and accept our responsibility for creating the world we see before us, what we project before us. This is the key to awakening evolution within ourselves. Awakening is what we’re up to here.”

“Yes. I couldn’t have said it better myself,” I quip. “Just kidding! So ‘awakening’ is the purpose of this book?”

“That, my friend, is the purpose of all Life. Our purpose, in this writing, is something a little less ambitious. We offer, nevertheless, to assist Life in its natural unfoldment. You will recall that at the beginning, my project appeared to be no more than experimentation with electromagnetic fields of the Earth. As we moved forward, we soon realized it was more than just that. We found we had touched a nerve of deep evolution and beyond.

“Certain forces came awake around and within us. They took hold of our understandings and turned them inside out. It might seem, to a casual observer, that this was mere accident or luck. But no. We were drawn into this like a gravitational vortex—with intention. In the beginning, we had chosen our own purpose for the project. But in the end, the purpose came to life itself, and chose us for its project. This was a new and deeper revelation of destiny in us.

“There are several ways we can describe our purpose in this work. Time is now running short for the human race on Earth. We, and all of you, must act expeditiously, be clear and concise. There is no time to dawdle. You are moving rapidly into the revelation times—the end of the Great Age. It has been called the Apocalypse! This again, means ‘revelation’. There is a Great Storm brewing within the planet. The purpose we have been given is to harness certain electromagnetic and gravitational forces that are already drawing you swiftly forward. Our mission of revelation is to conduct souls through the portal at the eye of the Storm.

“We offer our services, to those who have ears to hear—those who are attuned to this frequency. If there is a resonance in you, dear reader, notice and allow it to be. Let go of resistance, but be discerning. Find your deep authentic being and ready yourself to act. For our part, my group is working to help you all open the passage a little wider.

Copyright ⓒ 2011 Robert Lee Potter




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