Now is the time.

Now we must ask ourselves the most important question of all: What will become of us? What will our species do with its unprecedented opportunity to move into awakening?

One answer to this critical question can be found in the Letters from 500 trilogyThe triangle becomes the circle, the opening into Oneness.

In book one, the core message is, ‘humanity is in fact awakening into a new species, as the old one dies.’ The Veil of Forgetfulness is now dissolving, along with the dominance of ego. Seeing through the Veil is synonymous with awakening!

In book two, the core message is, ‘we can live, for a time, in two universes at once—the ego world and the awakened state.’ We can thus be the bridge and portal into the newness.

The message of book three is that ‘in order to bring about the full transformation and transposition, we will learn to see through the forms of this world into the formlessness of the new universe.’ New and Now are simultaneous when we realize the transparency of the Veil. As you read herein, you—the soul—will begin to see clearly; you will empower your own awakening.

Copyright ⓒ 2012 Robert Lee Potter

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