Letter Forty-Five “Oneness Does Not Manifest” (excerpt)

It is beyond belief, the ignorance that has taken hold of us at this time, in spite of our expectations for a better tomorrow. It has become just plain old Nasty. 

Social media, with all its ability for exposing ruthless behavior, has exacerbated the climate of unrest and flamed the fire of an unbalanced emotional protest. A blurb of inaccuracy, a sound bite of frustration; this does not lead to an intelligent way of living. But wait, there might be truth in these moments of upheaval. We assume that all greatness comes through a more intelligent way of approaching a situation, yet we can not see what greatness lies behind this chaotic nature of things. Perhaps the only way for light to be seen is through the darkness.

This following excerpt from Book 2, Letter Forty-Five, brings to light a better understanding of this turbulent time. 

“You must admit, friend, you are learning to love the unknown. Are you not?”

“I hadn’t exactly thought of it that way. But I guess you’re right. I do kind of like not knowing what’s coming next—at least sometimes. So, I’m learning to love the unknown? Are others learning that from these letters too?”

“You know, the Letters are revealing much about your potential future, but there is so much more in the vigilan world than can ever be described in a book, or a series of books. Thus, your future remains largely a mystery. This is only right. Though we are telling you that great things are in store for you, the future is still unknown.

“And yes, others are indeed learning the same thing from their encounters with these messages.  The unknown is the Source. As you or anyone else reads this, you are embracing what the mind cannot know. You are embracing the greatest blessing of all. Yes, we are building portals. But the kinds of portals you need for the Storm cannot be built through predictable means. ‘Unpredictability’ is an advantage in this work. What has come to be predictable for you, can often be an obstacle to awakening. Learn to rely on the unknown. It is the greatest of gift-givers. For our task, we must stretch the imagination and the credibility of the human mind. The imagination is critical here. It is a device for communication and communion. And more than that, it is a means for divination.”

“I like the sound of that. Just what does that mean?”

“You write these letters for me—divining the future—through your imagination. It is hardly a perfect vehicle for transmission, one might argue. And you spend much time editing and revising—as if this demonstrates some weakness in the transmission. Nevertheless, imperfection can be perfection in the karmic mirror. All is upside-down and inside-out in these realms. Imagination is an excellent vehicle for sidestepping the mental ego, while still using the faculties of mind. When ego tries to enter the imagination, it is quickly swamped by its own bravado. Ego isn’t satisfied with imagining. It wants controllable thought-forms, it wants an identity-bond with them. Imagination bridges us into the formless, the realm of mystery. It releases you from form-identity.

“Now, there is a deep, esoteric function of the imagination related to divination. It is working through certain teachers and public figures of your time, even though most of them know little of this function. This is an ancient art, developed and practiced by the original shamans of Hyperborea. It is making predictions of future events in order to prevent their manifestation.”

“Really? You mean like predicting World War III to keep it from happening?” I muse. “How would that work?”

“It works through a mirroring effect. You know, like Alice and the looking glass. The secret behind it is quite simple. The prognostication reflects and reveals what is being kept ‘secret’, or intentionally hidden. It is a means for undermining the forces of darkness by injecting illumination. Beyond that, the mirror is also a means of merging both light and dark.

“I know you’re hearing many dire predictions in your time—of disasters, wars, meltdowns, and various catastrophic events, forecasts of doomsday. These, believe it or not, aid greatly in averting the events they anticipate, at least in the ‘awakening’ timeline of the new universe. Some of the teachers who make such predictions are aware of the magic of this ancient, long-forgotten technique; others are unwitting instruments of a deeper influence on their minds; they speak what they sincerely believe is about to befall humanity. They speak of their fears and worst-case visions.”

I’ve been driving rather aimlessly, not knowing a destination. Suddenly, we’ve come to a small park on a creek. I pull off into the parking area, splashing through puddles where the rainwater is collecting. I angle the car toward the stream.

“Did you pick this location, O?”

You smile and pat my hand on the steering wheel. I turn off the engine, as you respond. “I’ve observed your transportation technology long enough. Thank you.”

I smile. “I’m realizing that my feelings of craziness have to do with all those doomsday predictions, conspiracy theories, and the fears of eminent collapse of civilization. I hear these things from political pundits and spiritual types alike. My mind feels all twisted up and wrung out by it. I can’t seem to get away from it. Some people seem to have just thrown up their hands and given up. Maybe that’s what I’ve done in a some ways.”

“I wouldn’t say you’ve given up exactly.” You lay your hand back down on mine. I feel a small jolt of fluid electricity. The rain is still falling steadily on the windshield. But through it we can see the creek and an old stone bridge nearby. Your voice is melodic and firm. “You’re recalibrating, like many are. Recalibration of awareness has an unpredictable quality that can lead to instability. That’s what I’d say you’re experiencing.”

“I think you’re right.” I pause to reflect. “It’s like my wireless phone has to keep reconnecting to the signal. That’s what I feel like—I’m constantly resetting my channel all the time. I can’t quite get a lock on the beacon. That’s making me crazy.”

“That’s just what it’s designed to do—from the deep, inner Source.” You look earnestly over to me. “Everyone in your time needs re-balancing and repositioning in light of your awakening and the events of the Great Storm. You all need to experience some ‘craziness’ along the way, both individually and as a species. This, believe it or not, is quite natural, given your situation. With each episode of recalibration, you ratchet up to a wider comprehension, to a new plateau. You’re stretching the envelope, outgrowing old understandings.”

“So, the predictions and feelings of doom and gloom are natural? And they’re not all bad? How can we know which ones are good and which aren’t?”

“They’re all good. They all trigger a conscious response in you, if you are on the road to awakening. And you are all on that road, at differing speeds—all of humanity. Do not worry for the future, dear friend. As the Christ presence said ‘tomorrow will look after itself’. Look to the Now as your center of balance.

“The more unbalanced you feel—in time—the faster you’re traveling beyond time, the faster you’re regenerating your portal. This portal is your cocoon of chrysalis. The caterpillar’s flesh and structure must utterly dissolve before the butterfly can form. The more you dissolve, the closer you are to stability. Formlessness is the ultimate stability. If you can just keep noticing what is, and all that is, you will be fine. You will always come back to equilibrium. I cannot promise that you will always feel comfortable, however. You won’t!”

“Gee, thanks.” I look over at your gleaming eyes. “At least you’re honest.”

“At least. Hold for a moment. Something is streaming in. Here’s a quick exercise that will be helpful to your sensibilities. Feel your heart—that presence in the center of your chest. Sense its vibration and radiation. Then feel the presence of Now all around you, in the space everywhere. Next, feel it linking with your heart presence. These two presences are one; there is no separation. And they are formless. Here you have your Source of peace and balance—all that is. Do this when you feel worried or unstable, or ‘insane’.”

“Thanks. That feels good, very restorative. But are you advising us to notice ‘all that is’. Can we really do that? It sounds like a tall order. I’m lucky if I can notice two or three things at once.”

“Do not try to do it with your mind. Noticing is an inner—other—function. For that, you need only be in the moment, at peace. The Now provides all the awareness you require. And ‘all that is’ is synonymous with ‘what is’. All experience is in the moment. It cannot be anywhere else. What then equals all! This is indeed one of the deep, esoteric mysteries. The formless nature embraces all forms. If you resonate with your formlessness, then you resonate with all forms.

“Do not struggle with feelings of inadequacy or incompleteness when facing any situation. The situation—however it appears—is within the deeper you. And it is your environmental self as well. Your true awareness provides all you need for comprehension and response. I know this is difficult for humans, especially when the environment appears threatening or volatile in a given time frame. Just notice what is before you. And take small steps into realizing the greater embrace—the embrace of grace.”

While you pause, the silence feels alive around me. I soak it in. “You make it sound so simple. I just wish it were. Why is there so much mystery to all this? Why can’t we just know what we all want to know, when we want it?”

“Because you are in a system that requires awakening. To bring this about, you must first realize that you need to wake up, that you’re dreaming. You are not awake yet. The dream is all you know right now, so it appears very convincing. Your mind is certain that it is awake. Do not trust your mind!

“And to ‘know what you want to know’, you first would need to know you want. There is no consensus on that for humans, nor within any given individual. There are many divergent desires at play in the field of your evolution. This, you experience as divisiveness, indecision, reaction, rebellion, mistrust, and so on. Before you could have the wishful consensus you were just imagining, you would first need to find resonance within yourselves. That is one reason for my urging you to ‘look within’. There, you can truly resonate and con-sense with the souls of others.

“As for why there is so much mystery, it is because mystery is reality—particularly in reference to the mind. Viewed from within any incarnate perspective—vigilan included—reality is pure mystery. It is the great unknown, the Source of everything; and yet it is no thing. And here’s another clue, the unknown is Oneness.”

“The unknown is Oneness? How is that?”

“Think about it. All things ‘unknown’ are formless. They are beyond the threshold of the known—in that sphere where all is possible, and where all is. The unknown is infinitely abundant, without limitation or boundary. It is Oneness. Even what we call ‘known’ is a continuously metamorphosing projection out of formlessness. The unknown embraces and suffuses all that is known with its own singular—unique—essence.”

Copyright ⓒ 2011 Robert Lee Potter


Oneness Does Not Manifest (conclusion)


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