The Mass Debate

There is a clear and present danger confronting us now that wears the mask of panic. Muddled thinking, uninformed rhetoric and bold-faced mis-speaks are the foundation of our information highway these days. As contentious as the elections have been since 2000 this is surely the most hate filled game of its time. What has spurred this hatred? Has it been growing since Mr. Obama took office? Is there an overwhelming racism at work here or is it that the wealthy are afraid of losing the upper hand and perhaps their wealth is in jeopardy?  Whatever the overriding passion appears to be the underlying cause is definitely the ego’s last stand at survival. We must remember that we are in a cosmic transition here and whoever thought we were about to reach an apocalyptic state was right on one level. That apocalyptic state was the utter and all transformation of the egoic nature of humankind.

Now this won’t necessarily take place at 11:11AM on December 21, 2012. In the minds of some it might be the light switch that awakens and illumines our true nature. The new frontier will take time to settle. Building a new community of pragmatic thinkers, with an understanding of the good of all, will take time. Remember, as separate a being as each of us feels we are, we are still each a part of the divine being. Threaded through likeness of form and consciousness. We are only separated by our mind’s belief in individualism caused by the veil the ego has placed before our eyes. Within our heart’s nature lies the knowing of oneness that give us the love of community our true nature desires.

It is time to look at our future with an overwhelming love for unity, for it is strength in numbers that succeeds and we will succeed in spite of ourselves. Now is the time to meditate most consciously. Bring the divine energy onto the earth plane and give it purpose. This is the first step in transforming the planet into the new world that is waiting for our awakening. Make It Happen!

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  1. I agree totally, Stefan. We can all feel the “new frontier” approaching. And it “will take time to settle,” for sure. The settling must take place within ourselves, of course. Everything seems to be up in the air right now, spinning around in our minds and emotions, locally and globally. No one seems happy and calm, at least no one I know, nor those I see in the media, not even Mr. Cool—Obama. [There are a few who still hold the space of stillness, such as Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama.]

    In a conversation with friends over breakfast today, we were speaking about this year of 2012. We agreed that nothing is settled right now. Virtually everyone we know is in some kind of turmoil. We seem to be in a place of chaotic stillness, a kind of zero-point. Time is both standing still and speeding recklessly out of control. It’s like our consciousness has been torn open, thrown up in the air and is hovering, waiting to find some new ground to fall upon. That ground is ‘awakening’, I’d say.

    That is lasting for the whole year. It’s very much like what Mercury is about to do on one day—November 6: On US Election Day, Mercury hits what is called “station retrograde”. That’s when Mercury appears (from Earth) to stop and hang in space before heading back in the opposite direction. [See the article in Huff Post:

    The whole year of 2012 is like that: We are experiencing a galactic ‘zero-point’—the end of the Egyptian Iron Age, the Vedic Kali Yuga, the finale of the Mayan calendar, etc. It is the transition of a 26,000-year Great Year, astronomically—the time when our solar system crosses through the most powerful electromagnetic and gravitational field of the plane of the Milky Way. I, personally, sense that we will be feeling much more grounded and stable once this passes. We shall see.

    Even if it’s only psychological, and the power of mass suggestion, our world is experiencing 2012 as a period of unprecedented change and upheaval. As Orange has advised, I will do my best to see through it all into the “formless”, the “unformed” (as you have put it), and rest firmly with the unknown.



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