Every Sunday I receive an online newsletter  from our dear  friend Rebecca Dettman, living in Adelaide, Australia. Her intuitive posts are always thought-provoking and evocative. I am so moved by her last offering that I feel need to post it here. I think many of us are having feelings of uncertainty during this year of extraordinary transition and Rebecca manages to activate the most profound understandings regarding our present state.



Hi psychettes!

I never quite knew what, exactly, I expected 2012 to be like when it actually arrived, but it sure wasn’t like this. If you’re a sensitive, intuitive person (of course you are, or you wouldn’t be following my newsletter) :-), then you need to know that whatever you’re feeling right now is universal. EVERYONE is going through their version of The Big Stuff. So whatever you’re feeling — overwhelmed, helpless, sad, drained, sick, frustrated, bewildered, overloaded, like you keep getting hit by a truck — you’re not alone. Here’s a spiritual snapshot of what I’m thinking right now, and noticing in my clients.

1) Heavy Energies. The earth is literally being bombarded right now with energy currents that are forcing long-hidden gunk up to the surface. If there are ANY ways in which ANY area of the life you’re currently living is not ‘real’ — i.e. you’re not being authentic and true about who you really are, what’s going on, and how you’re dealing with it — then the Powers That Be will continue to rattle your cage until you change, snap out of it, meltdown, crack, wake up, change and/or shift. My advice? Stop resisting and clinging to old patterns and behaviours. You’re only making things harder for yourself. Let go and don’t be afraid to venture into unchartered waters. The changes you make now, the new systems and models you adopt and the new templates you wish to implement into your reality are KEY to how you want your future to look.

2) Time speeding up. Seriously, has anyone noticed this? When I think about other decades I’ve lived — even the 90s, for example — time just seemed so much slower back then. I feel that the nature of time is changing with the shifting energies. The good news here is that healings are becoming faster and stronger. New people are coming to spirituality in droves and learning information in two hours that used to take entire weekend courses to teach. Souls who are ready to shed old burdens, traumas and emotional blocks can do soinstantly, with deep level healings. Issues that used to take weeks, months or years to clear can be exploded in a single session. Use this to your advantage. There’s never been a better time for self-work.

3) Health problems. You can’t lie to yourself any longer. If you’re ignoring built-up issues, your body will tell the truth. Any emotional baggage or toxic habits you’ve been getting away with for a long time will come out NOW. You know what to do. Get transparent with your issues. Feel, deal and heal. There’s a million alternative/holistic health gurus and modalities out there to get you on track in this department… just hit Google or ask your friends.

4) Money. Economics are radically breaking down and changing both in the macrocosm (the global financial crisis) and the microcosm (our own personal lives). Seriously, do you know anyone right now who is doing their life purpose / healing / spirituality when they wake up every morning, who is absolutely rolling in profit? Pretty much none of these professions seem to offer a guaranteed amazing salary. The only people I know with $$$ still have ‘old school’ (corporate / multinational / factory line) secure jobs… and they are struggling with restless hearts, as they continue to live out of alignment with their higher calling. I’m not saying everyone needs to have a spiritual profession; I’m saying that everyone needs to GET REAL about doing whatever their heart is secretly yearning to do. Wake-up call 1): It’s career change time for many of you. Stop finding excuses. Jump off the cliff. The rules of the game have changed; you’ve got to believe that a whole new world will rush forward to greet you. 2): If your financial situation sucks, the universe is calling you to throw out everything you’ve ever known or believed about money and invent completely new rules. Guess what? There’s no guidebook. Just be flexible and open to totally new ways of operating. From here on, it’s Up. To. You.

5) Children. ‘Old soul’ children are being born in droves the moment. They are experiencing their own version of all this stuff; maybe yours are waking up at night, getting sick or ‘out of sorts’, behaving irregularly or reporting psychic flashes. As parents, be consciously aware of this and intuitively provide your children with the reassurance, love and support that they need… including, obviously, healthy organic food and pure water. (Are you feeding yourself properly too?)

Stay strong. We’re nearly there. These intense energies will not last until 2013. And by then, guess what? We’re gonna have most of this shit sorted out.
Trust me.  🙂

For more information about Rebecca Dettman please visit her site at rebeccadettman.com 

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