“The Cure Is…”

We have had wonderful response to Rebecca Dettman’s post of “2012: How Are You Tracking?” Mind settling for some, earth-shaking for others.

I also visited the website of our friend Shannon Dunn and was blown away by her feature of “The Cure Is…” a new movie with a message of direction for a more healthy paradigm for our future. For more information on this film please visit this link: “The Cure Is… “Movie


It is now almost 7:00PM on the east coast, Sunday evening, and we are anxiously awaiting the “STORM OF THE CENTURY.” It is certainly a storm to be reckoned with, but the fear that the media is pushing forth is elevating the consciousness of this storm to gigantic proportions. It is a time to use the common sense we have been blessed with and prepare to hunker down in safety.

To all my eastern seaboard neighbors I wish you a safe journey through the chaos.

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