Steady Forward

With one day left till the Great Election of 2012 there is only one plan that matters here. A continued steady move toward consciousness that uplifts the heart and caresses the soul. In spite of what we think is ‘not happening’ in this country the charismatic energy that has charged this evolving consciousness is the voice that resonates the most with our new identity, the enlightened being.

Don’t search your conscience for this decision for your conscience has been built upon fear in this world of ego. The true deciding partner in this play of life is your inner heart. Meditate deeply to find its home and then open the door to walk through. The message found inside this home is the only message that counts.

Happy Voting.


  1. Beautifully said, Stefan. We are on the edge of Mercury Retrograde, which starts tomorrow on Election Day. It is indeed a time of deep reflection and entering heart consciousness. I see it as one more major step toward our collective awakening on this planet—toward that tight, narrow passage beyond 2012. The heart will move us through all fear and distress, through the “valley of the shadow of death”. These are THE times that try the human soul. Our soul is true and will stand up to any test.


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