Presenting the New Face Of Leadership

There is no doubt that the re-election of Mr. Obama is a tribute to changing values and a more conscious awareness of  what is important to the earth’s evolving nature. Obama’s deep sense of community and his desire to raise the consciousness of the office is seen as an honorable attribute. There is one other attribute, however,  that flies above the rest and sets him apart from the typical leadership archetype as seen in the past. Obama has heart. He lives it and breathes it. He’s not afraid to express his deepest thoughts and relishes the moments that expose him as a leader with compassion and love for the people and the job set before him. The universe has seen fit to place him here during the most crucial transformation in our history. As our solar system shifts into a new position, in alignment with the galactic center, and the waves of change dance within our biology and tweak the very DNA that defines us, we need someone who can take us to a new understanding of life and life’s worth. Let us pray for the success of this new vision. It is where we will all be in centuries to come.  Living through the heart is our greatest challenge right now, but thankfully we have a leader who can set the bar for us and give it expression.

The video presented here is Barack Obama’s ‘Thank You’ to his campaign workers in Chicago after his election win.


  1. Very well said, Stefan. I would hope that over the next months, we Americans can get back to the civility and thoughtfulness that is our true national nature. We can remember how to disagree without hatred, fear and blame. We can remember how to compromise for the good of all. It will not be easy, since our current political attitudes are deeply etched in our egos. But at the same time, we don’t really have much choice in the long run. Conscious Evolution is sweeping over us. I think we can all feel the sense of exhaustion resident in our collective ego. Ego needs to lie down and rest—and if not that, to sit down and shut up.

    I feel the recent election in the US was about much more than Mr. Obama, though he is the symbol of the changing tide in our society (and I would say, in history on this planet). There was a broad-based shift in sensitivities on many fronts—women’s rights, gay rights, immigration, health care, fair-share taxation, many women elected to the legislature, and the imminent end of our enormously costly, and failed, War on Drugs.

    We are sliding through Mercury retrograde with it all right now. As you know, we entered that squarely on Election Day. My guides’ take is that Mercury—messenger of the gods—stopped in mid-stride as Americans voted: His message had been delivered! Now we are retreating into the deeper space inside, to digest the meaning of his message. There is much to digest. And what a relief—the campaigning is over!


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