AMEN – “Why Souls Love the Earth” Epilogue (part two)

One of the great mysteries of the universe regards form and formlessness. Trying to wrap our minds around the nature of formlessness is quite confounding. How can one perceive formlessness if we can not sense its presence? This next excerpt from the Epilogue will give you a greater understanding and perhaps transport you through the veil and into the true nature of  Source.

“The ending of eras is always very porous. Humanity is slipping and sliding through the cracks in time right now. Insubstantiality is replacing any material solidity you may cling to. Get comfortable with the illusion of things, and you will pass through this time more smoothly.”

“What do you mean ‘comfortable with the illusion’?”

“See the illusion for what it is: All forms are insubstantial. Learn to see reality behind the curtain of form.”

I ask, “I’ve heard you vigilans talk about this often enough. But just what are we supposed to see when we look through the form?”

“I can tell you what it won’t be: it won’t be another form. There is no form behind the form. Formlessness looks like nothing at all to the mind’s eye. To look through the form, is to look with the heart’s eye. All actions, all thoughts are forms. ‘Seeing through’ is a pointer to the secret of form. Its clue can transport you into pure sensation, beyond form, beyond the senses. This is where the five becomes the one; it is what we have called transposition. Our five senses are built upon the one and only ‘sensation’—which is presence.

“To your mind this will forever remain a mystery. For the heart, however, presence is as pure and natural as breathing. When we say ‘look through into the formless,’ we invoke the Void into sensate, waking consciousness. We invite you to accept your innate, formless identity.

“Remember, reality is formless; it is no thing. What your senses tell you about reality is not the truth, not real; senses report only the world of form. When we say, ‘look through the form’, we are asking you to perceive reality itself, truth itself. Know that you are real! The outcome of such perception is awareness of presence. Presence cannot, of course, be an object of perception—that would make it into another form. But with a simple twist of realization, you can drop the thought-form and know, intimately, that perception and presence are one. This is what we are talking about when we advise you to look into formlessness.”

B continues, “Now, here is the ‘secret’ of form: Death is your ultimate teacher. Learn from death that your earthly identity is nothing but a form. We know that all forms pass away—into formlessness, yes? You are passing away as we speak, in this instant, tomorrow and the next day. Find death before death finds you. This is the secret of looking through the form into the Void. Know now that you are a passing form.”

“Whew. That’s intense. I’m going to have to contemplate the whole thing later—in a seed-link perhaps. I just can’t swallow it all right now. It sounds right, and I do appreciate what you’ve just said.”

B replies, “Yes do put it in a seed-link and ponder it later. You will find a universe there to explore.” I sense she is winking at me.

I clear my throat. “So, I must say, I am feeling more formless and insubstantial than ever these days. Forms seem less and less dense to me. Time is accelerating; events are blurring together; friends and relations are dying or shifting; madness seems to be rampant in the world—in politics, economics, religion; my body is showing signs of wearing out. Nothing lasts: I just spent three months in Paris, and it was over in a flash.”

B continues, “This is just the way it is for you. Appreciate and learn to love the passing parade of forms and affairs. Being able to appreciate the insubstantial is a gift. The more you can see through, the more you can be through! The unformed is your true foundation. It’s what lasts amid the constantly changing form world. All that comes and goes is mere coloring on the canvas of Life. The consciousness in you that ‘sees through’ to the formless Source is the enduring essence. It survives when all else disappears.

“And so, in this context, I would speak to you briefly of my project—the Life of Source. I mentioned it earlier in passing, you’ll recall. There are a number of references to it in what O and Omis have told you. Here’s what it is: Source is a presence that is very much nearer to your experience —your life—than you have ever known before. You might say it is ‘rising’ into your awareness. It is available now for all, like never before. Life and Source are meeting in a creative crossroads of expression.”

“Huh?” I stammer.

“The crossroads is synchronicity. Our new project will actively employ synchronicity and seed-links. The objective is to form an etheric structure at the edge of formless space. It will be a ‘chamber of readiness for seed-links’—an incubation lair, if you will. Within it, the seed ideas will precipitate wisdom out of the formless space. Our task is to consciously create the chamber by filling it with our seed-links and synchronistic encounters. It will be a repository for transduction of intelligence.

I break in, “I don’t understand half of what you just said. It sounds rather grand though. How would we go about creating this space and the seed-links?”

“Leave the space to me. As far as seed thoughts go, however, you have practice at this already. Think back. You’ve been presented with information and experiences that you could not digest at first. You bundled them into ‘thought packets’, with the intention to examine them later. This is how you create a seed-link. All I’m suggesting is that we formalize that process and create a conscious locus for it.”

“All right, I have done this, but I never thought of having a place for them to go. Actually though, B, I’m more familiar with the other kind of seed-link—that someone else has given me. You and O have done this often.”

“Yes. And there are yet other types of seed-links as well: Certain monuments and phenomena hold encoded information and energy signatures—such as the pyramids or the Ark of the Covenant or crop circles. There are even whole sub-dimensions that comprise seed-links, like the Ends of the Earth. They hold the essence of grand ideas.

“For storing and maturing such creations, in the cosmic scheme, there are places—some are general and some are specific. To ‘seed’ an idea, in general, means to put it into the ethers. In this new project, I would have us make it more specific, and identify a precise location in the Akasha for our use; this can generate a powerful multiplier effect. With the help of the angelans, we have already established the space. It is a multi-dimensional crystal vesica, located in the heart center of the Hall of Memories.”

“I guess you’ve been busy. So, where does synchronicity come in? How is that related to seed-links?”

“The energy that creates a seed-link is ‘identical’ to the energy embodying a synchronicity—that is, meaningful, conscious patterns of events, ideas and forms. As the flame beings informed you and me, identification is the principle behind seed-links. The same is true of synchronicity. When a coincidence presents itself as meaningful, it does so by revealing the inherent identity of events and intuitions. Identification with Source is at the heart of it all, of course.”

“Of course. But I’m a little foggy about this, B. Please refresh my memory: Why are seed-links associated with identification?”

“Surely. A seed-link is the essential presence of a pattern of information. That is, it is the ‘identity’ and essence of that information. The expression of identity is synonymous with ‘life force’. It is key to our new project, because Life is the expression of Source. Hence, we call the program, Life of Source. All ‘expressions’—to wit, forms—have mathematical codes and formulae behind them in the ethers, just as a synchronicity and seed-links have. In this project, some of us will be working with these codes. That’s where Invm comes in. That is not what I’m asking of you, however.”

“Ah, I’m glad of that at least,” I sigh. “But here comes the ‘big ask’! You know, I haven’t decided yet whether to participate in your project.”

“I understand,” she allows, chuckling. “But ‘yet’ is only a matter of time. Here is the ‘ask’, as you put it: If and when any of you chooses to participate in this project, your roles—in the human realm—will be quite simple. We only ask you to monitor your synchronicities and your seed-links; and then consciously send them to the chamber. Another benefit to you will be the actual creation of synchronicities in your lives as a result of participation. You will produce synchronistic events, just as you create seed-links. In a phrase, I would like you to begin managing your awareness. The project will promote a widespread growth into wakefulness.”

I pause and ponder. “Hmm. That does sound appealing. If we agree to get involved, will you give us further instructions?”

“Yes, indeed. However, they will be in the language of the project itself. You will receive these instructions through synchronicities, dreams and other seed-links. You might possibly receive them through letters from me as well, in the manner that O has employed before.”

“Really?” I reply. “Can others receive letters from you as well?”

“Yes. We have opened a new channel in the Akasha for this, with Omis’ assistance. The channel will work for anyone who wishes to communicate. Bear in mind, however, people will have varying degrees of skill and ability in translating what they receive.”

Copyright ⓒ 2012  Robert Lee Potter

Why Souls Love The Earth (part three)

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