AMEN – “Why Souls Love the Earth” Epilogue (part three)

In this final excerpt from Amen’s Epilogue we find the simple task of creating our own universe within the earth-legend that succeeds this one. As the end days of the Mayan calendar come to a close we ponder our future with uncertainty. What will we see in the days, months and years to follow? What we do know is that we don’t know, and that in itself is a clear slate to write our future. One of the great traits of the new vigilan order is the love of mystery and the desire to keep this mystery as part of their vision-quest, so it may inspire creative manifestation of new life. One of the tools for directing this way of life is the ability to plant ideas into the Akasha and retrieve the results of this Divine Energy. This is the place where the world of duality finds satisfaction in the sacred heart of Source. 

As you read this excerpt and the others that make up this Epilogue you will find the clue that opens the door past 12/21/12. Read on.

“So, if a person wanted to receive and write messages from you or from the crystal vesica, how would they go about it?”

“It’s very much the same method you used in writing these Letters: As questions arise in your mind, simply go into stillness—with your awareness directed toward the Akasha. Write the questions down. Next, go back to the stillness again; let sensations arise in your chakra body and take form in thought. Finally, write down the answers as they come into your mind. This is one way to download your inspirations. Feel the linkage to the crystal chamber at each step. Plant the seeds in that vessel and they will grow.”

“Well, I’m not yet committing to this,” I venture. “But I am intrigued. Who do you want to be involved in this project?”

“Anyone who chooses to be. You and your two friends from O’s project would form the hub. But any person on the planet may join in. There is nothing exclusive about this work, let me be clear. All participants are free and responsible in their own rights to give and receive messages from Source and put them into Life, to access the Akashic chamber we create, to monitor their own seed-links and synchronicities, and to draw inspiration and guidance from them.”

“OK.” I nod my head. “So, where does this all lead? What are the project goals and outcomes? Are there any safeguards against misuse? And, again, why are you calling the project ‘Life of Source’? Why not a name, like, ‘Seed-links and Synchronicities, Inc.’?”

B laughs, “You humans have so many suspicions and questions! You are indeed a race of questioners. But we do love human curiosity. Many of the questions you will ask over the course of this project will be answered by yourselves—from within—from the seed chamber itself. Many of the answers will come in the form of synchronicities. As for the title of the project, it was chosen by a much deeper presence than my own. It connotes an avenue whereby Source is coming into the expression of Life in fresh, new ways. More understanding is coming to us all soon. Go within your essence to find your own answer.”

“All right. But let me ask a dumb question: What is a seed-link really?”

“To repeat myself, both seed-links and synchronicities are expressions of Life itself, identity forms from Source. A seed-link is the essence of a thought. It’s a condensed bit of knowing, an iconic information packet. Imaging and imagination, too, are important elements in creating an effective seed-link. Giving a resonant icon to your seed-link will give it stability and provide a key for re-accessing it later.”

“Can you be more specific about icons for seed-links? How do you choose one?”

“The icon can take any form. First, sense the core vibration of the thought pattern you wish to seed. From this, the image will precipitate out. Let it appear. Once you have an icon, visualize sending it into the chamber. Let’s say you want to save a sensation you’ve had while returning from the Void. The icon you select might be an empty black cup. This is a ‘kernel’ for your idea. Once seeded properly, it will gather nutrients around itself and begin to grow. It is a living nucleus that reaches out into other spheres of awareness, and draws information in. That is the linking.”

At this point I decide to put my laptop down and go have a cup of coffee with Judy. I tell her what Black has said. Suddenly, an idea comes to her about linking with the crystal vesica. She cups her hands together in a vesica-shaped mudra. This, she senses, can be like a portal into the chamber. I think: Exactly what B predicted—inspiration from the chamber!

I thank Judy and go back to writing, and explain Judy’s idea to B. She replies, “I remember that from long ago. Yes, hands together make a vesica; it works very well. From there, visualize the crystal inside your hands.”

“I like that. I can almost see the crystal between my palms,” I say. “OK, back now to that ‘black cup’ icon you mentioned. What do we do when we want to retrieve the idea and open it up again?”

“Simply visualize the cup and bring it back to your awareness. Go into stillness for a moment and center yourself in the heart. Imagine the black cup before you in your heart’s eye. See it silently radiating its message up into your mind—that is, connect the heart to the forehead chakra. Allow the matured essence to return. Open yourself and intuitively explore. This may be done in writing, drawing, meditation or simple appreciation. I guarantee, new impressions will come to you if you are sincere.”

“And now tell me: Just what is this crystal vesica you speak of?”

B pauses before answering. “As I said, it is a small chamber within the Hall of Memories; Omis has created this vessel for our use. The crystal is a simple form we can use to enrich ideas and energies we place there. We will focus on the space as well as the elements within it. What we put in, we will later take out as amplified expressions of the Life of Source.

“Each time we send a seed-link or synchronicity into the chamber, we nurture and mature the whole project. We create a synergistic quotient, far exceeding the ‘parts taken separately’. The presence of any single idea will illuminate all the others. One caution I would advise: Be especially careful of judgments and polarization in this space. Resistance has no place here. Even small traces would be amplified greatly and become destructive.”

“Why is that? What do judgments have to do with synchronicities?”

“It has to do with identification, and the concentrated nature of the vesica crystal. Judgment and polarization are actions that mimic the creative amplification process, except they use it destructively.”

“Who would do this? Why would anyone want to use the chamber to make judgments anyway?”

“As humans, you often make judgments unconsciously. The caution I give you is to be aware of the way you address the chamber—when you do address it, both sending in ideas and taking them out again. Do not do this without first entering stillness—the non-duality of presence. A duality perspective would give you fluctuations between negative and positive.”

“All right. I think I understand.” I stop my questioning and let her words sink in. The project seems worthy enough, but I wonder if I’m really up for it. “When would it begin?” I ask.

“Right now. Right here. Try this: Create a seed-link that contains the idea pattern for my whole project. Use the vesica crystal image itself as the icon. Within this icon, place your current understanding, plus the intention to attract deeper awareness into its pattern, into the whole project

“Send the seed or synchronicity into the chamber even as you may continue to explore it in real time. The more seeds there are in the chamber, the more powerful will be the magic associated with it. These will be the catalytic glue for the space, drawing out more power from Source into the chamber. Thus will begin a great creative sharing and amplifying.”

She stops now. “That is all for this time. It’s enough to begin with. Do not make this into a chore. Simply recall it when you have truly conscious moments in your life. Make it an active part of your authenticity and awareness. If you do this, you will find abundant returns on your investment. The greatest of these returns will be your own expanded appreciation and readiness for awakening.

“Now, I will bid you au revoir. It has been my sincere pleasure to work with each of you, in all the different dimensions and levels of experience we have shared.”

“Wait,” I exclaim. “Please don’t go yet. I have another question. If it’s not too much to ask, could you say a little more about Invm and you?”

There are no words for a while. I wait. Just as I thinking she has really gone, her voice sighs softly, “After his death in Paris, his soul returned to Sirius in the incarnation of Invm. There, his destiny became clear. At a young age, he knew he would return to our solar system, to Mars, to work with the angelans and Earth evolution. But it was a ‘serious’ sacrifice for him. Forgive the pun.

“Invm was born into what you would call a ‘royal family’ on his planet. This world, called Amrk, is lush and beautiful, with natural and technological wonders abounding. Siriuns live there in peace and grace, with abundance of opportunity for learning, development and adventure. Contemplative Siriuns even study the psyche of the Cosmos—on many levels. They have gained understandings that Earth hasn’t even dreamt of yet.

“Their culture blends art, science and spirituality into one enterprise. Some of the more advanced scientists even explore beyond our galaxy, into the far, far reaches of space. A particular focus of study for them is the Great Andromeda, twin soul galaxy to the Milky Way. In fact they are assisting angelans and archangels in opening portals to Uk Banuh, the being at the heart of Andromeda; she is the sister being to Hunab Ku. One of their amazing angelan projects is the preparation for the grand union of our two galaxies—3 billion years in the future. A very long-term project, to be sure!”

B continues, with animation, “Both Invm and I will next incarnate on Invm’s home planet and realize the full merger of twins in our personal selves. We shall begin that lifetime as two beings, and end it as one. It will be our last vigilan lifetime before moving into the angelan.”

The idea of that joining sends a resonant thrill through my body. I sigh, “Amazing. Thank you. At last, I have no more questions!”

“Then let me say: The soul of all blesses your heart forever.”

I feel B’s presence pull back. O, I sense you near. You’ve been listening to her discourse all along. “It’s a wonderful project B is proposing, don’t you think? I will certainly be participating in it. What a great direction for us all to follow from here.” I recognize your subtle overture, but I say nothing. I don’t feel it yet. I just want to stop this project first.

Then I hear, “I too shall add my appreciative focus to it—in service to a good cause.” I instantly recognize Omis’ smooth, hearty voice.

“Omis, thank you for coming. And thank you for everything you’ve done for us. I’m delighted to know you’ll maintain a connection here.”

“How could I not, my friend? You are my family and forebears—and my future! I have known you all forever. I come here now, briefly, to impart yet another final blessing on O’s project—which of course was OM’s project, which was Apollo’s project. It is finally full and complete!”

His voice takes on even finer stillness and power. “Bless you deeply, sincerely—entirely—my dear human and vigilan friends. This is indeed wholeness, in you. This is Oneness. I say to you, each and all: Now bless into bliss.” These last words strike my heart. I feel they are not just a wish but also a command. The air is instantly crisper and clearer. Peace descends like a warm, invisible rain on this bright, sunny morning.

B asks one more time, “So, dear friend, what is your decision? Will you join us in our new project, Life of Source?”

Under the impetus of this question, a large block of my resistance suddenly breaks off and falls away. It feels like a calving glacier of denial. I see through the enormous hole it has left in my ego façade. Its emptiness begins to resonate with the hole in my heart; its vision is the eye of the heart. I see free, at last, what this means for my world. I see the freedom of the formless Source of eternal abundance awakening into Life.

I smile, looking around the porch, with all your energies radiant here. A gentle breeze weaves through the sunlight, through the tree branches and rustling leaves. What a beautiful morning! A song sparrow announces the day. I sense, without seeing, the three of you, my friends of the soul, sitting here with me in this powerful, unending moment. You gaze directly, invisibly, into me from across the circle—three beaming faces of unshakable destiny: love, power and presence. At last the project is complete!

My voice cracks as I speak, but at last my resolve is firm. “I will.”

Copyright ⓒ 2012 Robert Lee Potter

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  1. After reading this excerpt several times I decided to take advantage of the information. As the days grow closer to 12/21 I am feeling an anxiety of sorts, perhaps due to the absorption of energies directed to this iconic date. Usually empathetic anyway to peoples feelings and movements, I am attracting all sorts of energies that live outside my space and feeling them even greater than in the past. A nervousness pervades my inner body for I’m am caught up in the not-knowing place that fear provides so generously to continue ego’s mission.

    So here’s my attempt to connect to the deeper self and the answer I found that really relates to all of us in this moment.

    My question: “What is the true nature of my/our place, here and now, in this life form?”

    The answer: ” You are here to manifest the next stage of this evolution. Do not veer from your task no matter how desperate or lost you feel at times. Fear is neither your mother or your father. Fear is the black sheep child of ego.”


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